Title: My RSPB Nature Craft Box
Author: Sarah Edmonds
Illustrator: Sarah Edmonds
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s activity kit, outdoors/nature
Book Format: Paperback
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Description: Get crafting with this brilliant box, bursting with ideas and inspiration for projects.  Have fun playing games and baking delicious recipes.  Includes 4 masks and 5 metres of bunting. 

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review: This is a great fun little kit which kids will enjoy. The kit comes in a fun cardboard box which is a little smaller than A4 in size and it has a Velcro opening and a thick paper-like string handle on the top to make it look like a fun kind of briefcase to carry everything that’s inside. Inside the case there is a booklet with lots of nature inspired activities as well as some paper bunting to colour in, some animal masks and ears/beaks to colour in, and twelve cards with more activities to do.

My RSPB Nature Craft Box image one
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The booklet, a paperback, is very colourful and has thick glossy pages with lots of colourful images and text throughout. On the first double page there is an introduction to the nature kit plus a list of additional things you’ll need to do the activities. After that every page has a different activity for kids to do which is mostly making crafty things which are all inspired by nature. These include making animal masks with the kit available or using paper plates, a wool nest for paper birds, a box to keep your nature things in, snowflakes out of paper and things like animal puppets and a theatre to display them in. The activities are all crafty with lots of chances for kids to use paper, paints and get creative. Some activities even encourage using things found in nature like dried leaves.

My RSPB Nature Craft Box image two
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The animal masks are fun but there are not many, only four. The masks are made out of blank thin white card and will need to be popped out of the square of card they sit in (which is perforated). The masks have additional papers which can form beaks or ears depending on the animal you wish to create. The masks have holes for attaching string but unfortunately you have to provide your own.

My RSPB Nature Craft Box image three
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The activity cards are thick glossy cards which show an activity on one side and an explanation of what do to on the back. The activities range from games to play (for 2 or more players) to recipes to make salt dough animals or biscuits. Again all these have a nature theme to them and some of the games are ones I’d have never thought of and look a lot of fun, especially the more friends they have playing (they would make some interesting party games for kids too). Some of the pages in the booklet have things to make which can then be used with a particular activity on the cards and these are mentioned in the booklet.

My RSPB Nature Craft Box image four
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The bunting is made of many pieces of white paper with some lovely images printed on one side. The idea is for kids to colour in the images on the bunting and then one that’s done it can be hung up for a lovely nature inspired decoration. The images repeat but there are several designs including birds and butterflies. Again the string to hang all the bunting up on will have to be provided by yourself as there isn’t anything in the box which is a shame.

My RSPB Nature Craft Box image five
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The entire kit is fun although I do wish that some string or ribbon would have been included for the masks and bunting. Apart from that though the kit really is fun and there are many hours of things to do here for kids. Some activities like the recipes will need an adult to help but lots of the activities can be left to the kids to do and as well as having fun, kids can learn a few facts along the way which are included in the booklet. Overall it’s a nice kit and I would have loved something like this when I was younger. I’d definitely recommend it for any kids into nature or to inspire any kids to enjoy nature more and also for kids who obviously enjoy craft activities like these.

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