Title: Wiggly Wiggly – Playtime Rhymes
Author: Michael Rosen
Illustrator: Chris Riddell
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Young Children’s
Book format: Board book
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Description: Wiggle, jiggle and giggle along with Michael Rosen’s irresistible playtime rhymes!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This book is a bit of silly nonsense that surprisingly made me smile. ‘Wiggly Wiggly’ is a board book about A5 in size. The book is a collection of rhymes for kids to have fun reciting and saying out loud but they don’t really make much sense. The rhymes are about a variety of different things, from made up words that kids repeat in threes, to a rhyme about eating lunch and another about a pouncing cat, there are lots of silly subjects but the rhymes themselves will either be a hit or a miss with some kids and adults.

The rhymes don’t make any sense for the most part. Although the odd rhymes does have a good rhythm to it and does make sense such as a quick one titled ‘Mo’ about a girl who drops her toy, most of the rhymes are words that just all sound the same but make little sense and have no real story other than sounding good when spoken together. I can see that some kids and indeed adults will find the rhymes disappointing, however I also know that some kids will just love the silliness of these rhymes and I can see how and still remember silly rhymes like this being popular in nursery where the whole group of kids would be involved in repeating the rhymes while acting out some of the moves shown in the pictures.

Wiggly Wiggly book page image one
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Each rhyme has some illustrations around it, all featuring some animals and many of these pictures show how kids can get moving and have fun kind of dancing to these rhymes. Although the rhymes didn’t feel interesting or make much sense to me as an adult, a part of me (the part that still can think like a child) did enjoy the overall silliness and fun that the rhymes create. I think the images really help make this book and its contents more appealing to kids. The illustrations are all colourful and I really like the way they look like they’ve just been drawn and coloured in, the animals all look quite realistic but are also expressive which I do like too.

Overall, despite making little sense, a part of me really enjoyed this for how nonsensical it is. It won’t appeal to everyone, but if kids enjoy a bit of nonsense and dancing around to the actions in this book then I think they’ll enjoy it.

Wiggly Wiggly book page image two
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Do you like this book?  What about cute/silly nursery rhymes in genral?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂