Title: Sega Heroes
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Puzzle-Match 3/RPG (Battle)
Platforms available: iOS/ Android
Platform reviewed: Android
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Review:  I have to admit when I first pre-registered for Sega Heroes I wasn’t sure exactly what type of game I was going to get, all I knew was that it was a role-playing game featuring all the well known Sega stars from its past and present franchises.  But now I’ve had a chance to play the game I’m happy to say that I haven’t been disappointed at all!  Sega Heroes is an RPG which uses a puzzle game element to help your characters progress through the story.

You begin the game with Amy Rose (from the Sonic the Hedgehog games) who meets up with Ax Battler (from Golden Axe)  and soon after with characters including AiAi (from Super Monkey Ball) and other Sega franchises.  The characters have somehow ended up together in one world and face clones of themselves and other Sega characters who all have one goal in mind, to defeat our heroes in battles.  Playing through the story mode, or Campaign, you soon find out that these clones have been created by a specific person and our heroes go on a quest to bring these clones and their creator to an end.

Although the story is very much an RPG game and there are RPG elements in this game too with deciding which characters to take into battle and how you want to level up their skills, the gameplay relies more on a 3-match puzzle than you’d find in a traditional RPG.  On the top half of the screen sit our heroes who face their opponents and below them is a grid with coloured tiles ready for you to swap and match. Like so many other 3-match games available these days, the basic idea is to match at least 3 tiles of the same colour either horizontally or vertically and you use your finger to swipe the screen to swap any two adjacent tiles.  All matched tiles have different effects which are related to which characters you take into battle.   Almost every tile match will result in one of the heroes (you have 4 in each team) performing an attack on an enemy.  Different heroes have different colours associated with them, for example Amy Rose uses green tiles to perform attacks while Ax Battler uses blue, and Aiai uses yellow.  Every match of three or more tiles results in a character attacking the enemy and each character has unique attacks.

Sega Heroes image one
© Sega


The role-playing element of the game comes in when you decide which characters to have in your team for each different level of the game.  Although you begin with only four heroes, through playing the game you’ll be able to unlock more Sega characters and each of them has different and unique abilities which can really help in winning each individual battle.

Although there is a main campaign in the game, there are lots of different modes and events to play.  As you progress through the stages and level up your own score you’ll unlock new modes such as arena battles where you can fight against other players online or alternative campaigns and survival modes.  There are also special events which last from a few hours to a few days.  These are like mini campaigns with chances to earn extra in game currency, items and characters.  All these different modes and events make playing the game much more fun as there’s always something else to try if you get stuck on a particular level.

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I’ve always enjoyed RPG games and I have to admit that having Sega characters in this game was a big reason for me downloading it in the first place and it’s a big reason why I really enjoy playing the game.  3-match puzzle games in general are also fun and used in combined way with the battle style gameplay just makes the puzzle gaming much more rewarding and fun.  Each of the characters has unique styles of fighting and the sounds effects and animations for these are really good.  Sometimes the images on the screen shake giving you a sense of how powerful one enemy’s attack really is.  I also enjoy playing this game because there’s always a chance of playing the same level again with different outcomes.  3-match puzzle games can get frustrating if you get stuck on a level and I’ve felt that frustration on many games before, but because there’s chances of taking different combinations of heroes into battle the next time or levelling up different skills using the events or in-game shop there’s plenty of chances that another battle will turn out differently and I find myself progressing through this game at a good pace.

The game is free to download and as a result it does feature some monotisation.  These include chances to purchase chests full of random goodies or gems (one form of in-game currency) and skill and character upgrades.  You do get regular free chests every few hours though and I’ve found the game to be fun to play without ever paying for any features with real money.  People are free to pay if they want to but the great thing about this game is that it just isn’t necessary.  Energy will eventually replenish with time, and events are free to play at any time.  Like most app games I treat this as a game I play often but not for hours at a time, and I’ve found it easy and fun to play without spending real money on the free stuff.  There is enough free in-game currency and opportunities to earn things to play without ever feeling like you are missing out, although of course if you feel like spending real cash then it’s always an option.

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© Sega

Overall I’ve really enjoyed playing this game, perhaps more than any other 3-match puzzle style game I’ve ever downloaded (and I’m obsessed with Gardenscapes and Homescapes!).  This game has snatched a lot of my free time in the last few days and although it is only just over a week since release I have enjoyed every minute of playing this and have already unlocked some of my favourite Sega characters.  There are so many opportunities for this game to include more characters in future and to open up more events and other things in-game that I’m really looking forward to it!  The game really hasn’t caused any bugs or problems in playing and is quick to start and install.  If you are a Sega fan like me or are just looking for a new easy to play RPG or puzzle matching game with RPG elements then I’d definitely recommend this game.  It is early days, but so far I have nothing bad to say about this game, in fact at this point, I’m really recommending it! 😀

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Have you played Sega Heroes yet?  What do you think of the game?  Are there any other RPG or puzzle style games that you enjoy?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂