Title: I Am Little Fish!  A Finger Puppet Book
Author: Lucy Cousins
Illustrator: Lucy Cousins
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Young Children’s
Book Format: Board book
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Description: Hello!  I am Little Fish, swimming in the sea.  I love to splash and splish, com and play with me.
Wiggle your finger to make Little Fish swim along with the story in this deep-sea delight from the award-winning Lucy Cousins, creator of Hooray for Fish!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a fun and cute board book. Around A5 in size, this book comes with a cute finger puppet of Little Fish. The book comes with a small plastic sleeve to keep the finger puppet safe. The book has thick cardboard pages with lots of bright and colourful illustrations and some text. The corners have been smoothed making this safe for very young children to touch.

When you remove the plastic sleeve covering the book it appears as though the small finger puppet is attached to the cover. It’s in fact attached to the last page of the book with a hole from the back to put your finger through. There’s a hole in each page of the board book allowing Little Fish to appear on each page and it can be wiggled by either an adult of a child. The story inside is very simple and rhymes. On each page Little Fish meets other fish who are all very different in the way they look and what they can do. The story is simple but I love the last page, with Little Fish’s favourite fish in the world, it’s very sweet and very fun for kids. The idea of the puppet is to wiggle it along with the story, moving it in different ways (if you want to) according to the story.

I Am Little Fish puppet book page image one
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The illustrations are lovely and so colourful. Each image has thick black outlines and every fish is so colourful and different that they all stand out especially Little Fish. The puppet is very cute and colourful and very well made. The fish itself is padded and sewn well together and the place where you put your finger is very well attached to the book and slightly padded making it comfortable to use, especially for kids.

I really have had fun with this book and it’s so appealing. The finger puppet is so well made it’s not suffered any wear and tear and I keep pulling this book out and showing it to others. It really is a very fun book and I think lots of kids will love the addition of the finger puppet as it’s just so engaging to use. It’s a book I’ll certainly recommend to anyone interested.

I Am Little Fish puppet book page image two
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