Title: Pink Lion
Author: Jane Porter
Illustrator: Jane Porter
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Young children’s fiction
Book format: Hardback
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Description: Arnold’s got four paws, whiskers and a curly mane…but is he really a lion?  He doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to run or roar like his fierce friends – until an unwelcome visitor changes his mind.  A funny and exuberant tale about finding out who you really are.

* Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a fun and cute story and has a perfect message about being happy with who you really are. ‘Pink Lion’ is a hardback book a little shorter than A4 in height but a bit wider too. It’s filled with thick glossy pages of some lovely images and text. Arnold spends his days living at the waterhole and having fun with his family, the pink flamingos. One day some lions come and try to get Arnold to do lion-like things like roaring and grooming themselves. But Arnold’s not so good at being a lion, at least, not until something happens back at the waterhole.

‘Pink Lion’ is such a fun book, I loved the look of the front cover alone. The story is very simple and very sweet with Arnold, a pink lion living with flamingos who love him very much. When the lions meet Arnold they tell him he’s a lion because he looks like one and therefore he should be able to do lion things, but just like many kids, Arnold feels out of place among the lions and goes back home. I won’t reveal the very ending but there’s a lovely end where Arnold is brave and decides to be lion-like to help his flamingo family, showing that he can be a part of his new lion family as well as part of his pink flamingo family.

Pink Lion book page image one
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The book is one that I’m sure many kids will enjoy for it’s simple words and very fun illustrations. As I’ve said many kids, including me when I was younger, can feel out of place, like they don’t belong to a specific group but this book shows that you can be whoever you want to be , and be happy, and it’s done in such a cute way.

The illustrations are very fun and so simple. I love pink Arnold, and how happy he is with his family who you can see smiling. I like the simple design of all the animals it’s something kids could draw or even copy and each image looks like it’s been outlined in pen but coloured in crayons and paints with squiggly bits here and there. The illustrations are remarkably simple when you look at them and yet express everything in the story so well.

Pink Lion book page image two
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There’s something just so cute about this book and I was so drawn by the cover image alone. Kids will enjoy this simple story which has an additional image on the front and back covers, the one on the back cover showing how the two different families can really get along and like each other’s company. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a simple and fun read, but it’s also a perfect book for any kids who may feel a little isolated from being part of a group.

Do you like this book?  What about lions, or flamingos?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂