Title: Ten Horse Farm
Author: Robert Sabuda
Illustrator: Robert Sabuda
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s pop-up book
Book format: Hardback
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Description: What are the animals doing on Ten Horse Farm?
Turn the pages and discover beautiful horses jumping, grazing, racing and resting.  Can you spot the grey, the dappled and the roan?  What other animals can you find on the farm?
Bestselling pop-up artist Robert Sabuda will delight horse and pony lovers of all ages with this playful and inventive book.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This book is simply stunning! ‘Ten Horse Farm’ is a beautiful and detailed pop-up book which is roughly A5 in its height and width but it’s quite a fat book (although light in weight) due to all the pop-up mechanisms inside. The book is filled with colourful matt card pages, with every double page featuring stunning pop-up scenery and horses.

Ten Horse Farm book page image one
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As the name suggests this book is about a farm with horses and each page introduces us to different horses (and other animals) doing things like eating or bucking around the farm. Each double page features just one word and a beautiful pop-up of that word, for example the first page has the word ‘Racing’ and the pop-up image is of a brown horse running with a dog by its side.

Ten Horse Farm book page image two
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You really have to see pictures of this book to get a sense of just how amazing these pop-ups really are. I’m already a fan of Sabuda’s work after seeing his book ‘The Christmas Story: An Exquisite Pop-up Retelling’ and this book is just as good. The different ways in which the horses and scenery on each page jumps out at you is unique and so detailed and beautiful for a pop-up book. I’m amazed at how an entire scene just pops out of each page and every image is different. I also like how each page and all the things that pop-up are colourful and in some of the double pages it’s worth turning the book around so you can see a scene from behind as there are other things hidden in the pictures like all the different animals on the last page.

Ten Horse Farm book page image three
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Although children will, I’m sure, enjoy this book adults can too and it’s definitely a book I’d recommend. And although I do recommend it even for younger children, it isn’t a book that can be left alone with them and should rather be looked at together. Although the pop-ups are well glued down, there are intricate mechanisms and more boisterous kids might break these. There are only ten pages of pop-ups but they are all worth looking at and if you’re like me you’ll love this book and be looking at this book again and again!

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