I’ve always loved gorgeous bath products with delicious fruity scents and have been a big fan of the Treacle Moon range of bath products which really do smell like something you can eat.  The latest limited edition fragrance though is Spiced Plum Custard, and it’s every bit as wonderful as it sounds.

Like so many Treacle Moon products this one is vegan and not tested on animals which is perfect for anyone who, like me, does worry about this.  Apart from that the shower gel is also free from parabens and although the fragrance isn’t natural (with ‘parfum’ being the only thing listed when it come to fragrance), it certainly doesn’t smell unnatural.  As soon as you open the bottle you are hit with that gorgeous plum scent and when you lather the gel it continues to smell of that lovely fruity plum.  But as you lather there is a secondary scent, a mild hint of spices which really do make this shower gel smell like a dessert rather than a bath product. 

Spiced Plum Custard bath and shower gel image one
©The Strawberry Post

Although the shower gel is called ‘Spiced Plum Custard’, it smells more like a plum crumble I’ve had in the past.  It really does have a lovely winter dessert feel to it and the scent stays on your skin after you wash.  The gel doesn’t cause me any irritation, or dryness, which for me is important as I have sensitive skin. It isn’t creamy though so it won’t leave a creamy or oily layer on your skin which some people don’t like.

I really do love using this shower gel, the only downside is that it’s a limited edition for the winter and I’m struggling to find shops with enough of them in stock – I want to buy a whole crate!

If you love gorgeous fruity and foody smells in your bath products then I can definitely recommend this bath and shower gel as well as the whole Treacle Mon range.  This particular scent is my new favourite and I’m just hoping I have enough to last me through Christmas as I just love using this so much!

Have you tried the Treacle Moon range of bath products?  What general fragrances do you like, something fruity, light or a more musky scent?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂