Hi everyone, well Christmas is upon us tomorrow, so whether you celebrate the day or not, I do wish everyone a very happy and merry Christmas.  However you spend your day, I hope you will have a good one and one that’s filled with fond memories and fun.  I’m taking this and next week easy, so enjoy the posts that will be out every day (mainly book related) and I’ll get back to serious (i.e. –  more varied subjects) blogging in the new year.  Below is a fun and silly poem I’ve written to get you both into the mood and to enjoy the holiday.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone,
Go and have yourselves some fun.
Spend your time with friends and kin,
End your day, as you’d begin.
If prefer, spend day alone,
Speak to others on the phone.
Eat and eat, too much food,
But do not lose happy mood.
Or eat a little, spare the rest,
Give to others, not so blessed.
Play a board game, win or lose,
Or spend all day on couch and snooze.
Pull a cracker with a bang,
Use mistletoe that overhang.
Open presents right away,
Or wait ’till later in day.
Sing carols as part of a choir,
Sit next to real or fake fire.
Hope Christmas is fun for you,
Look forward to year that’s all brand new!

How are you spending your Christmas?  Alone or with friends or family?  Let me know what you are thinking in the comments below 🙂