Title: Angry Cookie
Author: Laura Dockrill
Illustrator: Maria Karipidou
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s picture book
Book format: Paperback
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Description: Don’t even think about opening this book, you nosy noodle.  I am warning you. I am very angry.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review: I like this book. ‘Angry Cookie’ is a paperback which is about A4 in size although a bit wider. Inside there are thick matt pages filled with illustrations and some text. Cookie is angry, he’s so angry he doesn’t want us to turn the page and keep reading the book, but what happens if you do?

Angry Cookie book page image one
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I liked the way this book is narrated from the very first page. From the start Cookie is very angry and addresses us the readers, telling us to go away and not keep reading the book. But as you keep reading Cookie will eventually tell you why he is feeling so angry. The story is a simple one but it’s something which plenty of kids and families may relate to. Cookie is angry about lots of silly things that happen throughout his day that irritated him until he got angry. Like some children, all he needs is some patience and time and eventually, knowing that we are still there while he tells his tale, he eventually calms down. I won’t give away any more details but it’s lovely to see Cookie go from being angry to so calm and happy. There is a good message for kids to learn about in this book, not only could some kids relate to Cookie’s temper but they could also learn, like Cookie that things aren’t so bad when you think about it.

The illustrations are a big part of the reason why I love this book! Cookie is part of a world of food, mainly sweets, fruits and a few vegetables and other foods like sandwiches (and a cactus!). Each character on the page is an anthropomorphic creature and the way they look just lends to the charm of this book. It’s funny to spot all the different characters on the pages and identify what they are. I also like the extra added details that goes into these pictures, not only are they bright and colourful, showing emotions well, but they’re also a bit silly and have some lovely details which make you look at the pictures to see all the extra things in the background.

Angry Cookie book page image two
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I’ve never read a picture book that addressed the reader so much like this one has. I really like this take on talking to kids about anger issues and feelings. It’s also just a fun book with a great ending which I’m sure many kids, as well as some adults, will enjoy looking at.

Do you like this book?  What about others which tackle children’s feelings?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂