Today is the last day of 2018 and I always like to look back to see how much has happened in the last year and how much I have grown, or how things have changed.  This year has been especially tough for me, health-wise, but there have been some great moments too.

2018 has been a year of ups and downs for me.  While my health hadn’t been perfect at the start of the year, it took a big nose dive in the summer months.  I’d had some problems with electrolyte imbalances which led to me having severe pains in my bones, but it’s other things, especially my eyes which I started to have problems with which really made me feel very ill.  I had difficulty reading without getting a headache and I started to get those pains back which I thought had been fixed.  Things got so bad I was feeling very sorry for myself and, honestly, very depressed too.  But being depressed and upset isn’t a good thing for anyone and especially not me, having previously suffered from depression, so I knew I had to do something and so I did.

A blog begins

In October I began blogging here.  I created The Strawberry Post and decided that, whether I’m happy or sad, feeling up to it or not, I’d try blogging again.  I’d run blogs before but I never really kept them up.  I always found it hard to just talk about how I feel, and considering they were usually centred around books I felt like I couldn’t just dive in and talk about depression, diabetes or a videogame I like.  I felt like I couldn’t fully be me on those blogs, I shared a part of me but there were bits I felt I had to keep hidden…Silly maybe, but it’s how I felt.  But The Strawberry Post was going to be different.

I set this blog up with the intention of being me.  I wanted to share myself and the thoughts going on in my head.  It definitely wasn’t going to be a niche blog – I mean, what does Sonic the Hedgehog videogames have in common with diabetes???  – but it was going to be my corner of the internet, a place where I could feel I could be myself.  A place where I could talk about all the good stuff in my life, but where I could also be honest and talk about the bad too, a place where talking about depression or things going wrong wouldn’t make people turn away.

And so here it is, this is it, my little world on the internet.  Not only do I love my new blog but I feel so free not being niche and talking about so many different things.

Looking forward

My blog is still new though, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of things I want to be able to talk about on here, but I like feeling free to muse about things and free to share what I hope are interesting posts about all sorts of different things.  I hope those of you reading this will enjoy my new format too.  Think of it as a magazine with lots of different articles and stuff.  I have so many things I will be sharing in 2019, and most of all I’m looking forward to the new year.

Having said everything above, I feel positive about 2019.  My health feels like it’s getting better, I’m on the mend, albeit slowly, and better than that, mentally I feel happy and that’s one of the best things to have, a good mental outlook in life.  I am truly grateful for everyone and everything in my life, including my Mum who is amazing.  And I want to thank every single person who has ever, or will ever like, comment or even just read a post here.  It sounds over the top, but I really appreciate having anyone read this blog, especially now I’m truly being me 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!

Tomorrow I will share some of my 2018 achievements.

How do you feel about 2018?  Was it a good year for you, do you have any regrets?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂