It’s the new year and time to set some goals.  Whether you are into making new year resolutions or not I think it’s nice to have a few easy-to-reach goals.  It’s not always good to make resolutions that you know will be difficult to achieve, but at the same time some long term goals are good for everyone, it gives you something to work towards and I’m going to make a few goals, I hope to achieve this year.

Books – I plan to read 100 books this year, and am setting this on Goodreads as my challenge of the year.  Before you get scared though and think that this is a big number, it really isn’t, as 100 books includes children’s picture books too 🙂

Post more/different topics – My blog has begun well and has been established with posts on books, poetry and some health subjects (especially diabetes) which have done well and will continue.  But I’d like to get more different posts out on more subjects, although of course this will happen gradually as I get to unpack more of my stuff that’s been in boxes – videogames being the big thing that I plan to review more of this year.

Repost old content – Before you wonder why anyone would do this, the reason I’m thinking of this is because I have some great posts from my old blogs that, while old, are still relevant and I’d still like them somewhere online.  This includes reviews of books in a series that I’m continuing and a few poems that mean a lot to me – it would only be posts that are relevant and things I’m sure you’ll like to see.  I’d post this maybe as ‘retro’ reviews or whatever, and it wouldn’t be the majority of my content, but I’d love to have all my stuff in one place, especially as this is now my blog and I don’t want to start again, I want this to be my blog for the foreseeable future 🙂

Get on Pinterest – I have no idea how it really works but I am determined to work out Pinterest and begin pinning on there.  I have heard how good it is as a social media platform for bloggers so if I can work it out it could lead to more followers and a wider audience which would be so cool 😀

Start a YouTube channel – Okay, this is the big one, I want to do this but it’s also something that I’m in two minds about.  I’d love to start a channel and maybe begin by sharing some videogame footage and maybe talk a little about my games and stuff (I hope you don’t hate my voice 😮 ) but it’s something that probably won’t happen until late in the year if at all.

Visit book fair/event – I’ve been hearing and reading people’s experiences at book fairs and events like it every year but I haven’t yet taken the plunge to go to one myself even though I now live in London.  YALC sounds like an event I’d really enjoy considering how many teen books I read and I’m determined to get out of my shell and attend one of these events.  Ultimately it might help boost my confidence outdoors (I’m usually very shy in social situations).

Have 500 followers – This number might seem very big but I’d love to have 500 followers.  Twitter has already been amazing, I have about 170 followers at last count on there and I’m not even sure how I achieved that!  I’d love to be able to get 500 total for the blog (including all social media) by the end of the year, and if I got 500 on twitter alone then I’ll probably faint 😛 !

Get fitter/eat less carbs – The last year I’ve lost the fitness that I used to have.  This is a very personal goal for me but I want to go back to being the uber-active girl was over a year ago.  I’m usually exercising 5 times a week and loving it, but the last year I’ve struggled with all the health issues to keep it up at that level.  As a diabetic I also want to finally go to the low carb diet I know will be good for me, if I can achieve eating just a few less carbs than I do now I know I’ll feel better (comfort eating on carbs feels good to my mind but not good for my blood sugar 😦 )

EXTRA WISH: Join blogger list/review or write professionally – I’m going to list this as a wish more than a goal as I have no idea how to achieve it but I’d love to be able to one day.  I’ve always dreamed of writing professionally, at first I thought I’d write a book but lately I’d love to be able to write articles or just review in magazines or newspapers, I know it sounds silly but I’d love to be able to do it, especially as just a few years ago I had such low confidence in my writing that I thought nobody would ever want to read it.  I’d also love to be able to join a blogger list of another publisher.  I already receive books from two kind and very lovely publishers, but I’d love to be able to join another list too 🙂

So these are my goals for the year, they are weird, mostly achievable and I hope I do manage each and every one of them.  But importantly, I won’t be disappointed if I don’t reach them, being disappointed will just lead to negativity and I don’t want to go back there.  So I want to look forward and hope that the new year is filled with lots of fun, thrills and lovely things.  And I wish the same to you guys reading this too 🙂 🙂

What goals are you setting for the new year?  Have you set any goals or resolutions or do you prefer not to?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂