Title: My First Pop-up Dinosaurs – 15 Incredible Pop-ups
Author: Owen Davey
Illustrator: Owen Davey
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s pop-up book
Book format: Hardback
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Description: See dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles come to life in this stylish first pop-up book.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This pop-up book is so fun, and perfect for anyone who likes dinosaurs. ‘My First Pop-up dinosaurs’ is a hardback book which is square in shape but close to A5 in size. Inside all of the pages are very thick and made of thick card with very well put together pop-ups which bring the dinosaurs to life.

My First pop-up Dinosaurs book image one
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Every double page of the book features one dinosaur and although the description on amazon says that it’s an alphabet of dinosaurs, not all the dinosaurs are arranged alphabetically. Each dinosaur is a full pop-up with different dinosaurs popping out of the page in different ways, and their name is clearly displayed on the page too, along with an easy to understand pronunciation of each name – which of course is very handy as I doubt most people know how to pronounce every dinosaur’s name correctly.

My First pop-up Dinosaurs book image two
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Each pop-up is very well done and isn’t at all flimsy. I love the fact that so many of the pop-ups are different and my favourites have to be the tyrannosaurs whose jaws come at you to bite, and the brachiosaurus whose long neck really extends out of the book! Each dinosaur illustration is good too, with a decent amount of detail and I love the fact that some of the dinosaurs in the book have feathers. This is brilliant compared to the books of the past. It’s well known now that many of the dinosaurs that have been discovered are actually birds and not reptiles and this book does a good job of representing that. Each page has a background colour and the whole book and illustrations has a slight brown tone to it which actually works very well and reminds me of old-fashioned images of the past.

My First pop-up Dinosaurs book image three
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This is such a fun pop-up book and perfect for all children. I was crazy about dinosaurs when I was a child (I still am actually!) and just having anything featuring dinosaurs is fun, but this book is an added treat. Not only are the pop-ups exciting to look at, but the book even shows you how to pronounce each name properly, something my old dinosaur books from my childhood did not. Overall a very fun book to get any child.

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