Since this blog began I’ve been using a mixture of images from different sources.  While I’d like to take most of my own pictures to display here, I have been using free image websites for most of my poetry and articles.  When it comes to book reviews though, I’ve been taking photos of the books myself, showing both their outer covers and inside pages.  But there’s been a big hiccup in my photography lately, and I don’t quite know what I should do…

The old way

The problem with photography is that you need a good camera to do it, and while I had a good camera for a long time, a while ago it broke so I was left with my phone.  This turned out to be okay, even good, for the most part, as my phone was a top quality one with a beautiful 12MP camera.  This meant I could take clear images (well clear-ish) which I could also adapt and tweak in the camera settings, to get the best photos I could.  But a while ago this phone began having issues, and at Christmas, it decided to just die.

Get a new phone you might say, and yes I did exactly that, but you see there is a problem with my new phone and it’s going to affect my blog as well.  The problem is funding, the fact that I couldn’t fund myself an expensive new 12MP camera in a phone, the only phone I could get was a budget one.  Having a budget phone has worked fine for playing games, even for all my apps and I have more space, oddly, than I used to…But why is my camera so bad?

A fuzzy tale

The new camera on the phone is a lowly 5MP, I didn’t expect the image to be perfect, but I expected them to have some form of sharpness to them, but every picture I take is fuzzy, and it just looks so terrible.  If you’ve ever used a budget analogue camera (the old ones that had film in them that needed to be developed) you’ll know that even with these cameras they could focus and give you a clear and decent image if you held the thing steady.  I did this with my new camera phone, but the results are very disappointing, my new camera doesn’t even have settings that I can use to help fix things 😦

So I don’t know what to.  I have a new phone, I can’t afford to get another for a while yet, considering I have to save the money for something else.  And I’m stuck with a phone that works well…But a camera that does not.  Below you can see the result of two different pictures, an old one from my old phone versus the new one.  So I need some help from any of you.  Is there any way to fix this for free.  Are the images really terrible?  Do they look super fuzzy to you on your phone/tablet/PC?  Which of these do you use to look at my blog and do you know of any software or stuff that can help fix this problem.  I can’t get a new camera yet, and I need (or rather want) to keep taking photos of books to show you how great they are.  So please do help me, let me know anything that could help and please give me an honest opinion on these pics…Is the new one worse, or is it just me?…

Tales from the inner city pic
Picture from my old phone – ©The Strawberry Post
the goose road pic
Picture from my new phone – ©The Strawberry Post

Is the new photo terrible or am I imagining things?  What do you use to take pictures?  Are there any programs or apps that you would use to make images clearer?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂