I sometimes write poetry when I get emotional, I sometimes write poetry when I feel like celebrating, but sometimes poetry just comes out, and it makes no sense at all until I am done.  I hope you can understand the message of this poem (and I mean I hope it comes across well enough as I remember writing this poem late at night and being a bit lost/confused at the time), and of course I hope enjoy it too 🙂

Inside Us All

©The Strawberry Post

Inside my mind,
I am two,
Torn being me,
Torn being you.

Inside my body,
I am three,
One aching, one running,
And one able to see.

Inside my heart,
I am four,
Fear, saddness,
Happiness, or,

Inside my skin,
I am five,
Light, mix or dark,
Tan or have hive.

Inside me,
I am more than one,
Not two, nor three,
Nor four, or ton.

Inside I am,
More than all,
Feeling everything,
Big or Small.

Inside myself,
I am lost to how many,
Emotions I feel,
Plenty or any.

Inside of all,
We are all complex,
Feeling all of,
Life’s full effects.

Inside we are,
All of the same,
The only difference,
Is in our name.

Do you like this poem?  What about the message of our differences, and how they don’t matter?  What other poems do you like, or do you not like poetry at all?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂