Today I would like to welcome a guest onto the blog.  Author and illustrator Kieron Black’s book The Goblin’s Blue Blanket is available to buy from the 1st February.  It’s a lovely picture book for children with a great story about Ogie and his cat Gerald who go searching for Ogie’s missing blue blanket.  There are some really great and detailed illustrations and a great overall message at the end, and I’ve already reviewed the book and given it 5 sweet strawberries it’s that good!  In today’s post, Kieron has given us an insight into Gerald, and added an illustration too.  Let me know what you think of this interesting and chaotic character – I’m sure anyone with a cat can relate 😉

The Philosophy Of Gerald


philosophy of gerald picture
© Kieron Black

Chaos does not come easy for some, or, when it does, it’s an unwanted entity, something to be banished as soon as possible. An unwelcome houseguest with no consideration for the feng shui of your scatter-cushions.
For me, the clue is in the name. Scatter those cushions. The front garden, the bathroom, the roof. A bowl of porridge is a dull, inert thing. Grey and insentient. But if I take a mad leap for the milk as you pour, suddenly it’s a living thing, colonising your kitchen floor, growing, spreading. Then, if I knock the porridge packet over just as you are cleaning the rest from the floor, we have a beautiful symbiosis of goblin and mop and rage and oats.
What is a rose garden without poo in it? Pot pouri is just restrained chaos. Release it. How can one enjoy the beauty of a sunset without a cat climbing one’s leg? I merely aspire to greater heights, as you do, though my route is simpler – up your leg.
The tranquillity of an afternoon read … boring! What if I spill your coffee, shred your book, knock over your pot plant? Suddenly we are dancing, running, singing! If I am outside, I want in. If I am in, I want out. If the door is open I will sit at the window. If the window is open I will yowl at the door. I see your stacked dominoes – wheat before my scythe. Your late morning is my early start, your early night is my late finish. Show me a goblin at his leisure and I will show you a canvas without a brush.
I am the brush. I am the chaos. I am the Ginger Destroyer and you love me.

About the Book

the goblin's blue blanket small image

When Ogie the goblin’s blanket goes missing, he and his cat Gerald hunt high and low through the magical and mysterious places on the island of Goblinia. Does Grandad have it in the snowpark? Is it in the Slimewoods? Or caught in the Singing Stones? The Goblin’s Blue Blanket by author and illustrator Kieron Black follows Ogie and Gerald on their adventure through the goblin world in this fantastic story about why there is nothing you need so much as friends and family.

Publication date: 1st February 2019
Publisher: Shrine Bell


About the Author

author kieron black

Kieron Black is an artist, writer, husband, father, surfer, snowboarder and skateboarder, although not necessarily in that order. As a successful landscape painter, specialising mostly in mountains, he has exhibited across the UK, Europe and New York. He has also illustrated several children’s books including Boo!!! Said the Banshee at home in Ireland and is currently wrestling with the umpteenth draft of a full-length novel, though the almost constant `surf breaks’ seem to be impeding this somewhat. The Goblin’s Blue Blanket is his first self-penned children’s book. Kieron lives by the beach in Northern Ireland with his wife and daughter and a collection of annoying, furry creatures that eat everything and put paw prints all over his artwork.

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What do you think of The Philosophy of Gerald?  Do you like the illustration, or the book?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂