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Title: Maladapted
Author: Richard Kurti
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Young adult/teen, Science fiction, thriller
Book format: Paperback

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Description:  From BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Richard Kurti comes an exciting, fast-paced thriller that shows the power science has to change not just our lives, but our very selves.
Cillian is the sole survivor of a devastating terrorist attack on a packed Metro train. How did he survive when everyone else was killed? Searching for answers with the mysterious Tess, Cillian discovers that his father has links to P8, a group of genetic scientists operating outside the laws of Foundation City. The shocking discoveries he and Tess make at P8’s secret hospital start to make Cillian ask not who he is, but what he is.

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Review:  Set in a futuristic world 16 year old Cillian and his father are on board the Metro when it’s involved in a terrible crash.  While bodies fly through the carriage and people are dying all around him, something strange happens to Cillian, something that allows him to survive.

Maladapted is a science fiction thriller aimed at the young adult market.  The first chapter plunges you straight into the action of the Metro crash and every chapter that follows keeps you hooked to read more.  Most of the story happens in Foundation City, a futuristic and technologically advanced place which eerily resembles the world we seem to be heading into.  After surviving the Metro crash Cillian’s world is turned upside down and a fast-paced adventure begins to uncover the truth of what happened to him and how he survived.

The entire book is very well written and the style of writing really keeps you gripped.  There are no long paragraphs with unnecessary extra descriptions and each chapter feels like a scene out of an action movie.  Unlike most books the chapters in this one are remarkably short.  Some chapters will span a few pages but most are no more than two or three pages long and a few are barely more than a page long.  Although the chapters do feel short, and having 87 chapters in a 320 page novel may seem strange, it actually works well for the pace of this novel and each chapter ends with just enough information to compel you to read on.

Although marketed for teens I’m sure a few younger kids and adults will pick this book up and want to read it.  Adults will enjoy it although I wouldn’t really recommend it to younger kids as there are a lot of quite violent and shocking scenes.  The book also has some use of the s swear word.

I really enjoyed reading this novel.  The story itself is very good and has a good ending with a slight twist that leaves you feeling uneasy.  But this ending and the overall increasing dystopian feel of the book makes for a satisfying read and leaves you questioning just how close our own world is to the one created by Richard Kurti.

Have you read this book?  Do you like science fiction or thrillers?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂