Title: Where’s Wally? The Spectacular Spotlight Search
Author: Martin Handford
Illustrator: Martin Handford
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s activity, puzzle, non-fiction
Book format: Hardback
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Description:  Hello…Wally-watchers?  Are you there I can’t see ANYTHING in the dark!
It’s a good job there’s a spotlight-searcher!  Just slide the spotlight into the side of each page to begin the search.  Wow!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  I love this new variation on a Where’s Wally book. ‘Where’s Wally? The Spectacular Spotlight Search’ is a hardback book that’s square in shape and A4ish in size, though a bit wider. The book is filled with colourful glossy pages and a new unique way of searching for Wally and his friends. Inside the front cover there is a torch made of card and this is used to help search for things in each of the scenes. The ‘torch’ is a black torch shaped card with a white circle on the top. This white section is the ‘bulb’ of the torch and will help you with finding Wally and his friends.

where's wally spotlight search book page image one
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Unlike most Wally books where there is a scene on each double page, this book is different and features a scene on one side which is blackened out. The scene is printed onto a dark plastic rather than paper and is difficult to see without the use of the torch due to the black background colour beneath the plastic. The idea is to take the torch and push it through a gap in the page between the plastic and black background, and ‘shine’ the torch (the white circle part) on different areas of the scene. It works really well, moving about easily to each area of the scene, and does show up the original scene perfectly – the plastic now with a white background rather than the black.

where's wally spotlight search book page image two
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Rather than just seeing the whole scene and once, you have to find things as you move the torch around. It’s an interesting idea and actually quite fun when you start searching! There are six double pages with a scene on the right and each feature a different theme, like space or underwater. Each scene has a page to the left which has extra puzzles to do and lists of things to find in the spotlight scene. Despite having so many Where’s Wally? books already, I can’t help but love this new version, it feels like a fun element to search for things using the spotlight rather than seeing the whole thing at once. It makes each section of a Where’s Wally scene come to life and you can spend ages just exploring each picture.

With only six scenes the book doesn’t have that much to do, but like with most Wally books there are lots of things to search for and there is so much detail in each part of the image that you can still spend hours just looking at all the different and funny things happening.

where's wally spotlight search book page image three
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Although the book could have more scenes, it does put a new twist on the well known Where’s Wally? formula and I would recommend this for any fan of the books as well as those who want to have the challenge of searching for small details in the very funny and scenes.

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