Today is part two of my weird two-day poem.  If you missed the first part then please read it first by clicking here.  This poem will only make sense if you read the first part and I hope you enjoy this part too.  This poem only came to me after I upset myself so much writing the first.  I was still feeling blue when I started writing this but I also wanted to have some light in this poem so I hope you all enjoy this 🙂

I don’t…

I don’t remember you face now,
I chose to forget who you are,
Forget the bag they found me in,
I don’t want that mental scar.

I don’t think about what you did,
Why you threw me out like trash,
How my bones snapped and crumbled,
Hearing the water splash.

I don’t want your face in my mind,
Think how you did those things with spite,
If I don’t make sure to forget,
I will always feel the fright.

I don’t see your face but others,
And they do not look like you,
I spend weeks with them in odd places,
As they mend the hurt you grew.

I don’t care how I got here,
Now, I’m happy with this family,
They know how to take good care,
With hugs and stroking me.

I don’t always forget the pain though,
I feel it then let it depart,
But I never let it linger,
Now I’ve felt being loved in my heart.

It’s getting easier every day,
I feel love when they embrace,
Slowly my memories are fading,
I don’t want to remember your face.

I don’t…

Part 2 of a two part poem.  Part 1 can be read again here.

So what do you think of this weird two-part poem.  I’m not sure anyone’s ever done connected poems over more than one day but it’s an idea and I just went with it.  It feels good to be creative 🙂  By the way, if anyone notices, I know it’s not the same cat in the image, but trying to find two opposing images of the same cat is hard 😀

Do you like this two-part idea for a poem?  What do you think of the theme of the two?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂