Today I have a poem that is written in a style of a letter to myself.  It’s a letter to my younger, teenage self, a letter I wish I could have read when I was younger…

Dear You

Dear you, who is always patient,
Dear you, who will never complain,
Dear you, who feels a doormat,
Do not let it happen again.

Dear you, who always questions,
Dear you, who doesn’t feel smart,
Dear you, who is never happy,
Remember you have a big heart.

Dear you, who’s scared of being,
Dear you, who doesn’t like self,
Dear you, who always wonders,
Why I so hate myself.

Dear you, there is a future,
Dear you, you will become strong,
Dear you, one day it will be different,
One day you won’t feel wrong.

Dear you, until that day comes,
Dear you, it will take a while,
Dear you, but one day you’ll learn to,
Love yourself and smile.

-As a teenager I had very low confidence after years of bullying.  I had so little self-worth and self-confidence that I ended up hating myself and/or my life (sometimes one, sometimes the other and sometimes both 😦 ).  I had depression and wanted my life to change and if I had just known how stupid it was to get so hung up on little things, I would have coped better.  This is one of many letters I’ve written to my past self, although it’s the first I’ve done in poetry form 🙂

Do you like this poem?  What would you write to your younger self?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂