I decided I like doing tags as it’s a way for me to have some fun and a way for you to get to know me better 🙂  Today I’m doing the 90s tag I saw over on The Smurfy Gamers Blog as it looks like fun and you’ll soon realise from my answers that I grew up in the 90s 😀  Let me know if you share any of the answers or tell me if you grew up in the 90s, or even if you didn’t, are there any things you like that come from the 90s?

The questions:

1. Favourite Disney film?

Although it wasn’t created in the 90s one of my favourite films of all time is Lady and the Tramp.  I love the story, the songs – particularly the siamese cats singing 😉  The whole film is something I just adore watching all the time and it finally became available on VHS (what came before DVDs) in the 90s and along with my family buying a copy I also won a storybook & cassette version too!

2. Favourite music artist?

I’m not ashamed to admit I loved listening to the Spice Girls, Steps, B*Witched and a few other UK and US bands.  My favourite definitely depends on my mood though, but the Spice Girls will always be the first music album that I got as a present, and the first music album I ever owned 😀

3. Favourite sweets?

My tastes are very different now and I rarely eat sweets theses days, but back then I loved going to the shop and staring at the sweet selection and sometimes I was alowed to get something to chew on the way home…until of course I wsa old enough to buy them myself 😮 !  I had so many favourites I can’t remember them all but I definitely loved Flying Saucers (those rice paper things with sherbet in them) and anything fizzy.  Oooh and Cadbury’s Eclairs, Smarties, Revels….

4. Favourite game (board game / school game)?

I love board games and want to unpack my boxes of them and show them off to you guys here.  I loved playing all sorts of games back in the 90s including a the Game of Life original which I loved.  But one day there was this game called 13 Dead End Drive and just seeing the cover I HAD to have it!  It’s such a fun game, so detailed in its design and so much fun to play.  It’s a bit like a murder mystery where you’re trying to be the one to inherit Aunt Agatha’s money and estate by trying to get rid of other characters in suspicious ways.  It’s such a funny game, not at all dark (unlike my description) and it’s just so funny and fun to play.  I still have it in near mint condition and can’t wait to play it again 🙂

5. Favorite McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal’ Toy?

I was never big on Happy Meal toys because I didn’t eat at McDonalds much after going vegetarian at the age of about five.  I remember some fun cars that they used to have, but that was probably back in the late 80s rather than the 90s.  But it was cool because my Mum used to be able to go into McDonalds and buy the toys without having to buy the food!

6. Favorite Book?

I think favourite books would be a better question as I loved an entire range of books which were all Point Horror.  Published by Scholastic UK I remember spending hours in the Point section of my local book shop just staring at all the different genres: Point Horror, Point Horror Unleashed, Point Crime, Point Romance, Point (I think that last one was meant to be contemporary), and picking out books mainly in the Point Horror range.  The first Point Horror book I ever read and which made me jump in one scene was Funhouse by Diane Hoh.  I have lots of others I have read and enjoyed but that was my first forray into young adult fiction at the time 🙂  Maybe I should start reviewing my old 90s books?…

7. Favorite Clothing Store?

Being overweight (boarderline obese) made shopping for clothes very difficult 😦  I remember though going to a shop called Tammy Girl (much younger) though and later I liked New Look where I found some cool clothes.  After that there was H&M and Next…It really depends on the style in store at the time.

8. Favorite TV Show?

This is tough as I watched so many and binged on TV when I used to come home exhausted and suffering from diabetic fatigue after school.  I loved watching so many different shows of different types.  I could list so many that I’d fill the page with everything I used to watch in the 90s, so why not put one that I never thought I’d enjoy so much.  It was a soap that was so silly, with such over he top acting and drama, it just made me smile.  I started watching it at home during the day when I was away from school ill.  It soon became a show I had to record to watch and after several months it became cult viewing.  If only it hadn’t ended so soon, it is a real shame and I wish i could get a DVD of all two years of this soap, because that intro tune (both old and new) just goes around in my head all the time….I so miss Sunset Beach 😮

9. What Show Would You Watch After School?

Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek: Next Generation.  They all used to be on the same channel and I would do a two-three hour binge after school watching them, lol.  I also liked Blue Peter although some girls at school found blue Peter hilariously stupid and bullied me for admitting to watching it 😦

10. What was Your Favorite 90s Game Show?

I loved two: Supermarket Sweep and Pets Win Prizes.  I still remember how funny Pets Win Prizes was.  People would bring their pets, and this wasn’t just cats and dogs, but ferrets, chinchillas, etc. to the show and their pets would take part in a game, like running through a maze or racing each other to win.  And Supermarket Sweep was a show I always wanted to secretly play.  The idea of running wildly through a supermarket with a trolley and putting anything into it for a few minutes was something I always wanted to do, lol.  And I was good at the question part of the game too.  I knew the exact prices of all items bck in the 90s.  I still do.  If you ask me the rough price of anything back in the 90s I can still remember it…so cheap compared to today!

11. Did You Own A Virtual Pet?

YES, a Tamagotchi.  I heard about the craze and then couldn’t take it any more when everyone at school seeemed to have one and I didn’t.  I loved my strange creatures and never cried when they got angel wings because it meant they had flown back to their home planet (I had to tell myself this as it’s the only way I could deal with the idea of the pet ‘dying’)  Unlike some though, my love of virtual pets has continued well into adulthood and I also got the PC version of the Tamagotchi, and various other forms of virtual pets since.  It’s something I plan to write a blog post about soon 🙂

12. Favorite Video Game And System To Play On?

The only game system I had in the 90s was a Sega Mega Drive (or Sega Genesis to those living in America).  My favourite game though, again, depends on my mood.  I had quite a few including Sonic & Knuckles, Micro Machines 2 and Theme Park.

13. Weirdest Fashion Trend?

Fashion and me in the 90s…nope.  I just wasn’t very fashionable due to that weight issue again.  I wasn’t really into taking notice of fashions and couldn’t name the weirdest.  I wasn’t too much of a fan of those super tall platform shoes though, that the Spice girls made more fashionable.  I tried wearing some platform slip-on demin style shoes one day in the summer and tripped on the kerb – though I do like the increase in my height at the time (when standing, not when I tripped into a heap on the floor in the middle of a road!) I don’t think anything was that weird though.  I like the style, colours and denim of the 90s 🙂

14. Favorite Toy?

Sylvanian Families.  Fuzzy little animals in minature little houses, shopes, boutiques, etc.  What’s not to love 🙂

15. Favorite Nickelodeon Show?

Ren & Stimpy.  I have the Mega Drive game of it too which is hilarious!


-So that’s it!  Now you know a little more about me (and my age!) and possibly how cool uncool I really was.  But I don’t care, I don’t regret any of my answers and don’t feel bad for loving some of the things that others might not have, or might to this day laugh at.  It was my teenage years and I’m proud of them.  Just like everyone should be proud of what they loved and enjoyed doing when they were younger 🙂 ❤

What do you think of my answers?  Do you remember the 90s?  What would your answers be, and from what decade?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂