Today’s poem is inpired by yesterday’s post.  In fact it’s something I’m thinking of trying – to write a poem about the previous day’s article.  Anyway, as you know yesterday’s post was about how schools are not tackling really bullying very well (as well as other things) in school.  In remembering back to the trauma I felt back then a pretty dark poem came out.  I’m giving a warning that it is a dark poem so if you’re sensitive, especially on the subject of bullying, then take caution before reading it (and of course I won’t get upset if you don’t).  I hope you like this piece I wrote.

If Only I Knew…

What did you see that day,
When we all first began?
What was it about me,
That couldn’t be your clan?

It didn’t matter what,
I’d say or do or change,
You always found a way,
To find me very strange.

You had to say untruths,
When speaking about I,
You’d tell everyone you could,
Then to me you would deny.

Later I started to ignore,
I did not want to engage,
But this just made you worse,
You filled with vile rage.

Pulled my hair and spat,
Disgusted words you threw,
I ignored, but you found a way,
To make them stick like glue.

You found the key to tear,
My heart it ripped to shreds,
Who I was in my own mind,
Now a bunch of mere threads.

There is only one choice now,
To leave or continue on,
If only I knew the truth,
That you would soon be gone.

That one day I’d be happy,
And feel so very free,
But I had no way of knowing,
My pain I chose now to flee.

For anyone concerned, given this is a sort of suicide poem, I am fine.  My own trauma of bullying has been dealt with a long time ago in my mind and I no longer am affected by it really.  But if you are feeling bad, highly depressed or even suicidal, please do contact someone, talk to anyone, even send me a message if you’d like via my contact page.  It’s better to talk about these issues than let them fester in our own minds.  Look after yourself and never feel that you are burdening someone by talking.  These feelings will go away and the bullying will stop.  Take care ❤ ❤

Do you like this poem?  What do you think of the subject matter?  Did you face any bullying at school?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂