Review first appeared online February 2018 – now republished here.

Title: Mother’s Day
Author: Shirley Hughes
Illustrator: Shirley Hughes
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s picture book
Book format: Hardback
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Description: From the fun of waking Mum and Dad up in the morning, getting the bus into town with Mum or even stories all together at bedtime, this joyous tale gives readers a snapshot into a child’s day and celebrates the special bond between a mother and child.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a lovely book and is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. The book is square in shape and around A5 in size. It’s a hardback with thick glossy pages inside which are filled with easy to read text and colourful images. The cover has some gold detailing that is shiny making this book feel very special.

Mother's Day book page image one
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The book begins with a little girl cuddling up to her mum and saying how she loves to spend time with her mum. The day then progresses with the girl narrating and showing all the different things she loves doing with her mum, such as going to the park, taking the bus, etc. The whole story of the book shows just how much the girl loves to spend time with and do things with her mum before showing us what she does for mum’s special day (Mother’s Day). The entire story is so simple and yet most children can relate to the everyday activities they do with their mum. I can remember spending time with my mum doing all these same things and just enjoying the experience when I was young.

The illustrations are lovely. The clothes of all the characters suggest the 1980s and that’s when the first version of this book was printed, but there’s something about this book that doesn’t feel dated at all. Kids can relate to all these pictures and activities the girl does with mum in any decade. Every picture is clear but also has enough detail to keep kids looking at them. The images are all about the child spending time with her mum and I found them lovely to look at. The pictures are also interesting compared to some of the story description as mum’s, and generally parents, will understand the humour behind the keys going missing or what is actually happening when the girl says she loves to help her mum cook.

Mother's Day book page image two
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The entire story is simple but lovely and although this is obviously a brilliant book to get as a gift for Mother’s Day, it can be read any time of year too as the story is about the little girl and her mother. It’s definitely a book I’d recommend and one I enjoy looking back at again and again.

Do you like this book?  How are you spending Mothering Sunday/Mother’s Day in the UK today?  Did you know we have different dates for Mother’s day around the world?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂