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The Trouble with Life…Chronic Fatigue and Other Issues

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I hope everyone is well at the moment and I’m sure some of you may have noticed my recent absence over the past couple of weeks or so on the internet.  Although I’ve been blogging regularly, some of my posts were written two or three weeks ago and I’ve struggled to get on social media to post anything at all until recently.  I have a few things going on at the moment and I wanted to share with you what’s been happening just in case anyone’s been wondering.

Despite the strange title for this post, life for me is not trouble right now, at least, not entirely problematic.  While things have been going well for me, I’ve also suffered some setbacks, mainly to do with living with a long-term chronic health condition.  Life in general has started to be better than it has for a while and that’s mainly as my mental health is in a better place than it has been for months (possible a whole year even!).  I’m feeling more positive about life these last two weeks than I have in a long time and I can’t help but think that part of it must be to do with the fact it’s getting warmer here on the northern hemisphere.  It’s no secret that I suffer from depression at times and I do get affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder – where people feel depressed because of a lack of sunlight in the winter months).  Time away from my blog often means I’m not in a good place mentally, but recently the opposite has happened and I’ve been busy looking into many exciting opportunities I’m hoping to take in the near future.

More Writing

There are several things I want to get the chance to do and one of these is writing more, both here on my blog and professionally (as in making money out of it 😛 )  Nothing is set in stone yet, but after years of wanting to professionally write, I might just start doing that soon.  It’s a big step for me to even think about it as I’ve always had the dream of writing professionally but never really believed enough that it was possible.  It’s definitely a confidence issue I’ve had since I was at school and lost my self esteem with writing about the age of 15.  Although I’ve thought about writing before and done it for myself I’m really planning on doing more than just my blog (although my blog is of course very important to me 🙂 )

I don’t want to elaborate on exactly what I’m planning on doing, I’m not sure yet whether to go on fiction or a more journalistic route, but I’m hoping that I’ll get my name into print one day…it might not be soon but it’s one avenue I really want to pursue beyond blogging – although I have no plans to stop blogging here either! 😀


Another thing I really want to do is go back into education.  I left school with decent GCSEs and started studying A-levels but I never completed the courses as my health both mentally and physically deteriorated to a horrible level.  I did pass some AS levels, though not many, (which are like half A-levels) but I never got beyond that and it’s something I want to complete as I also want to get a chance of entering higher education too.  Higher education is one of those things that I never believed I could do when I was in school.  The silly thing is that my school never encouraged me to pursue higher education (although I heard others were encouraged) and instead I embarked initially on the wrong courses (I tried some sort of diploma first in an area that I’m just not interested in).  I always felt that I wasn’t good enough to get a degree and although I don’t need one in life, and the urgency or importance of a degree has lessened as I’ve lived life as an adult, it’s still something I do personally regret…I especially regret never even trying,

I know from my life that missing out on education isn’t terrible and that we don’t need to have gone to university or qualified with brilliant grades in order to be successful at life, success comes in all sorts of forms and I’m happy as I am…but for me personally it’s a goal I’ve always aspired to, especially as deep down I’m a nerdy academic person at heart and studying a higher education course (even if that’s at home) is just something I want to do in the future, so I’m looking into at least going back on a course that would open up the opportunity for me to go into higher education 😛 😀 😀

More Blogging

I’m not exactly sure how I can do more blogging than I am now but what I really mean is I want to get more organised with blogging and engage more with recent things that have ben happening.  Several people have tagged me for awards and tags which is amazing and I can’t thank you guys enough, but I’m so terrible at keeping up pace that it’s often months before I get to writing a post about a specific blog award and it’s something I want to get into a habit of keeping up with.

I also want to get ahead and create more blog posts for days when I’m not around.  I did bank a few reviews here and there and wrote some of my blog posts ahead of schedule (which is why you didn’t notice my absence the last few days 😛 ), but I don’t have enough to feel calm and not panicky when I am behind in blogging or away, so I want to get into the habit of writing more blog posts and maybe splitting the long ones into two parts to make it easier for both you guys to read and for me to have, technically, more content/blog posts available to put out. 😉

Chronic Fatigue

Unfortunately, chronic fatigue is one of the things which can sometimes affect me as a diabetic.  It’s not a permanent thing but does occur when I’ve been ill or at times when things are not going right with my blood sugars.  Maybe it should be called fatigue but it’s often chronic lasting for days, weeks or even months at a time in extreme cases.  The fatigue may also be due to some deficiency in my recent diet.  I’ve had a few problems of intolerance lately, my diet has shrunk and what little milk I did consume I now seem to feel sick of 😦 .  But adapting to other milks, vegan ones and other healthy vegan foods that I’m not used to isn’t going that well, I seem to have an intolerance to quite a lot of things lately and it’s happened quite suddenly.  It’s resulted in a lot of fatigue and painful upset tummy half the time I eat.  Family have told me I look a bit fatigued too, which can’t be good, so it’s off to the doctor for me again I guess, and I hope they’ll be able to figure it out as I just don’t know what’s wrong with me lately.

The fatigue, either intolerance or a resulting deficiency in something and the crazy blood sugars I’ve been dealing with have dampened things for me, but on the whole I’m not letting them beat me and I think the recent more spring-like weather is having a positive overall effect.  Despite my problems, on the whole my mood is still good and I feel better than I have mentally for ages.  I feel a new determination to enjoy and progress in life – a feeling I haven’t had so intensely for a long time .


I hope you are all doing well and I wish everyone a very happy spring and I hope this year is a good one for you too 😀 😀 ❤ ❤

How is life treating you?  Are you feeling positive or  down this time of year?  No matter how you feel, you can discuss it here or send me a personal email.  Let me know in the comments below 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Trouble with Life…Chronic Fatigue and Other Issues

  1. All the best for your plans and I hope your health improves!
    The past few weeks have been rubbish for me as I’ve been ill, but I keep up my mental health by continuing my usual projects and looking forward to being in full health 🙂


  2. I hope your doctor is able to help you with your intolerance to certain foods. My mother was diagnosed with chronic anaemia a few years ago when she became very tired and food sickened her.
    Good luck with all your projects!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thta’s good to hear, I hope she continues to have good health and the same to everyone in your family ❤ An upset body and tunny is never a good thing.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I hope you do get into fiction writing one day as that’s my goal as well: to finally see my name on print. As for higher education, I’ve been thinking more about reading a lot more to help further myself. I haven’t really been blogging much lately (besides the post I’ve done a while ago) but I plan to change that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the dream, a name in print, and I would just love to be able to walk into a bookstore and see someone checking out my book 🙂 🙂 Goodluck with everything you are doing 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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