Title: Flights of Fancy: Stories, pictures and inspiration from ten Children’s Laureates
Authors: Quentin Black, Anne Fine, Michael Morpurgo Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Rosen, Anthony Brown, Julia Donaldson, Malorie Blackman, Chris Riddell, Lauren Child
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s non-fiction, creativity – writing, drawing, poetry/activity book
Book format: Hardcover
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Description: Start a poem with Michael Rosen, act out a story with Julia Donaldson and get doodling with Chris Riddell!
In this lively anthology, bursting with stories, poems, plays and pictures, the UK’s best-loved writers and illustrators share their top tips and ideas to inspire budding artists and writers.

What are you waiting for? Discover your creativity now!

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Review: I love this book, it’s filled with lots of ways for kids to get creative and all the ideas come from the past and present Children’s Laureates. ‘Flights of Fancy’ is about A4 in size and is filled with thick matt pages of both text and images. It begins with an introduction into what the Children’s Laureate is and how it was set up, before moving onto ten different chapters, each written by one of the former Children’s Laureates.

Flights of Fancy book page image one
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The first chapter starts with the first Children’s Laureate, Quentin Blake and continues in order. Each author/illustrator talks briefly about what they did when they were the Laureate before giving kids some exciting ideas on how to get creative themselves. The ideas vary from playing the ‘shape game’ where you try to draw something using a shape you’ve been given, to how to write a poem using one word and morphing it into similar ones. Every idea is something new and different and many of them are things I’ve never come across and you feel you want to do many of the activities, just to see what your own imagination comes up with.

Flights of Fancy book page image two
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Every double page is filled with text and images. There is a picture of each Children’s Laureate and each page has a border, a different colour for each chapter. Along with some easy to read text, there are lots of different fonts used and some very colourful illustrations too. There’s something about the colourful and fun nature of this book that just makes you enjoy reading it and trying out the suggested activities.

Although this is aimed at children, I’ve had so much fun as an adult trying out the different activities that are suggested. You feel so free to experiment and see where your creativity takes you and it’s been brilliant for me personally as I lost a lot of my confidence in being creative since leaving school, so this book has been fun and inspirational for an adult as well as for kids!

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The back of the book has more detail about each Children’s Laureate, and some funny illustrations to finish. Kids will really feel inspired to have fun with this book, and it’s a great activity book you can read again and again to get new ideas. I’d recommend this to all children (and even to all adults to try out), whether they feel like writing, drawing or not. It’s a great book and will open up their imaginations.

Do you enjoy writing or drawing?  Would you have enjoyed this book as a child?  Do you have a favourite Children’s Laureate?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂