Title: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Let’s Discover Baby Animals
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s activity book
Book format: Paperback
Sweet Strawberries: Sweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet Strawberry

Description: There’s so much to discover when you step into the wonderful world of baby animals!

  • Fun facts about puppies, bunnies, lambs and more!
  • Top tips on animal homes, animal families and how to spot favourite, fluffy friends.
  • Wildlife-themed recipes, craft projects and colour-in sticker activities.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a cute and fun addition to the ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Let’s Discover’ range of activity books. ‘Let’s Discover Baby Animals’ is a paperback that’s a little smaller than A4 in size and is filled with thick matt pages of lots of colour and easy to read text. The book focuses on different activities, all about the different baby animals you can see if you spend some time looking, and there are lots of stickers at the back of the book too!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Let's Discover baby animals book page image one
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There are lots of activities to do in this book, and they are all easy and fun for kids. There is some colouring in to do along with puzzles and games to play. Other activities also include sticking a range of stickers into the book and there are lots of things to make including some fun snacks (I love the strawberry mice!) and a few other items as well including a fun snug to create to help give animals somewhere to stay in your garden. All of the activities are so fun to do and of course an adult may sometimes be needed to help, but they are all very creative and really get kids thinking about the animals they could see and how wonderful it is to spot some of the younger animals, be they mammals, birds or something else!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Let's Discover baby animals book page image two
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The illustrations are lovely, just like the original story, and each page is filled with pictures and background colours. There a lots of opportunities for kids to add stickers to brighten up certain images and I just love how realistic and cute all the animals look. The pages have easy to read text and there are lots of facts dotted around the pages too, as well as some funny jokes! At the back of the book are two double pages filled with stickers. Most of these have a specific page they need to be stuck on but there are a few extra stickers that are left over, once you’ve finished the book, to have fun with too. What I love about the stickers is just how cute some of the animals look and there’s a whole double page of glossy colourful stickers, as well as a whole double page filled with more matt stickers that are just black and white. This gives kids a chance to colour in half of the stickers themselves making their own activity book more personal and memorable.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Let's Discover baby animals sticker page image one
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I really love these ‘Let’s Discover’ activity books but this one about baby animals is just so cute. There are so many fun things to do and you can’t argue that thinking about all the baby animals that can be seen in the wild, as well as at home, is something a lot of kids will enjoy.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Let's Discover baby animals sticker page image two
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Do you enjoy activity books?  What about baby animals, which is your favourite?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂