Name: Original Source Orange Shower Gel
Item type: Bath/Shower gel
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Review: I love this shower gel it has such a beautiful and amazing scent that I think it’s one of my favourite ever! The new bottle design has not changed this lovely orange shower gel which uses real orange peel oil to get that gorgeous smell. Like other shower gels by Original Source, this one is vegan and not tested on animals. It also uses real fruit oils which make it that bit more special as I always prefer this to synthetic perfumes.

Original Source Orange shower gel
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I have always enjoyed bath products which have a fruity fragrance, but this particular shower gel might just be my favourite due to how powerful and long-lasting that scent is. The orange is really strong but not overpowering and it will leave that lovely scent on your skin after you’ve had a shower or bath too. What I also like about this gel more than any of the others I’ve tried in the Original Source range is the texture. Most of the shower gels are quite runny and if you don’t hold the bottle with the lid on top when opening, it’s possible to spill quite a lot of the gel, but this particular orange one feels different and reminds me of jaffa cakes as the gel has a more jelly-like feel to it. It’s hard to describe as it’s not completely like a jelly, but when you squeeze some of this shower gel out you will notice a thicker and slightly more bouncy texture to it than with any others in the range. This texture makes it easier to control how much you squeeze out of the bottle and just makes me love this all the more.

If you love fruity fragrances and especially the more zesty citrus ones then I would really recommend trying this shower gel. I’m so intoxicated with the gorgeous scent that I find myself just wanting to be enveloped by the scent of it all the time and I even use this to wash my hands sometimes which leaves an even stronger, beautiful fragrance on them!

Have you tried any of the Original Source shower gels?  What fragrances do you like?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂