Title: The Wrong End of the Stick (Stick & Fetch Investigate #2)
Author: Philip Ardagh
Illustrator: Elissa Elwick
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s fiction, Short stories, Humour
Book format: Paperback
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Description: When Sally Stick and her dog (and best friend) Fetch set up a temporary DETECTIVE office at Uncle Bob’s, they soon find plenty of cases to solve…even when there aren’t any.  Then they end up catching a real, live CRIMINAL!
A girl.  A dog.  A detective agency.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  I loved the first Stick and Fetch book in the series and this second one doesn’t disappoint! ‘The Wrong End of the Stick’ is a small book filled with thick matt pages of text and illustrations dotted around the text. Sally Stick and her best friend, and dog, Fetch have already begun their own detective agency where they investigate a number of cases (which don’t always need investigating). This time they are staying with Sally’s uncle Bob where they investgate missing objects and strange beavers roaming town, among other things.

Stick and Fetch The Wrong End of the Stick book page image one
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The book begins with a brief introduction to the characters, which is both funny and also good for those who haven’t read the first book in the series. The rest of the book is then split into four seperate stories, or investigations, each of them a funny story with great humorous moments and good endings. Every single case Stick and Fetch investigate is taken more seriously by the detectvies than it needs to be and often the two are investigating cases which just aren’t really cases at all. I especially like the confusion over the different types of glasses in the house or the digging of the beds which causes real confusion as Stick and Fetch begin to wonder why somone would dig up the beds they sleep in (not realising it’s garden beds instead!). Each story isn’t very long and they are all so funny and silly at the same time but they always seem to work out perfectly with the two always being successful in their investigations.

I don’t think this book would be as good if it wasn’t for the illustrations. The pictures are all in black, white and orange only but they are all very clear and show the characters really well. I can’t help but love the way Fetch looks, I especially love his tongue when he’s liking Sally’s face! The images are so funny as well and show the antics the pair get up to as well as just what they are thinking. Every page or double page has an image and they are dotted around the text so every part of the story has some kind of illustrations to enjoy.

Stick and Fetch The Wrong End of the Stick book page image two
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This is the second book of Stick and Fetch I’ve read and I really hope the series continues. I love what happens in each story as well as the overall ending featuring Granny Stick and especially the surprise at the end with Fetch! The book is easy to read for children, the text isn’t too small and it’s filled with such fun and funny images throughout. Even teens and adults might enjoy some of the silliness in the story (I do!). It’s a brilliant book with short seperate stories and I can’t wait for more from this fun detective duo!

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