Today’s poem is a darker one, written at a time I was really struggling with my life and feeling horrible.  Writing poetry, especially all the darkness that fills my head, is like a release for me and after writing it I often feel so much better.  It’s as if all the bad stuff just leaves my head and flows into the poem leaving me clear headed and more positive.  However when reading this, certain people may feel upset so please do not read it if you feel sensitive to that today.  I hope you like the way I let my feelings out into this poem ❤

The Value of Me

©The Strawberry Post

The cost was nothing, the price so small,
You asked from me, I gave you all.
Never spoke back, never complained,
Though everyday, you left me drained.
Heard the excuse, heard your lie,
But when I question, you’d deny.
Every day, I’d cry I’d shed,
Tears for you, then something red.
You’d see, how you knew the truth,
Blamed it always, on my youth.
Wouldn’t bare, to take the blame,
Tell everyone, make me feel shame.
Continued ’till, the very end,
Never once, tried to mend.
You did this, gave every pill,
To see me now, cold and still.

-Review first appeared online October 2016 – now republished here.

Do you like this poem?  Do you feel a release from negative feelings and thoughts by doing something creative?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂