Title: Julius Zebra Joke Book Jamboree
Author: Gary Northfield
Illustrator: Gary Northfield
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s joke book, Humour, Historical
Book format: Paperback
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Description: Julius and his friends are visiting every corner of the Roman Empire to find the best jokes.  How RIB-TICKLING are the Romans?  How BARMY are the Britons?  Can the Egyptians entertain you with their EXTRAORDINARY WIT?  Surely the Greeks have the GREATEST GAGS?  WHO ARE THE FUNNIEST FOLKS?

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  Anyone who already knows me, knows I am obsessed with Julius Zebra, the books are just so fun and entertaining and now Julius and the gang have turned to creating comedy – as if they weren’t funny enough already! This short joke book is hilarious and silly and perfect for any Julius Zebra fan.

The joke book is quite a bit shorter, compared to a regular Julius Zebra books but is packed with so many silly pages of illustrations and text. From the very start you are introduced into the characters, just in case you don’t know who they are, and then off they go making silly jokes which will make you smile, laugh or groan! Unlike the story books which feature more text with illustrations around it, this one is purely illustrated on each page so there’s plenty of silly things to see and read.

Julius Zebra Joke Book Jamboree book page image one
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The book is seperated into chapters on the Romans, Britons, Egyptians and Greeks (the four civilizations Julius and his friends have encountered so far) and there are lots of very funny jokes about each type, but there’s also a few facts along the way too. There are the odd few pages that give out facts about certain Roman emperors, Egyptian gods, etc. but along with those facts there are lots of silly ones too, although I wouldn’t trust Julius’s special facts on scolls if I were you!

All the illustrations are classic Julius Zebra, the silly eyes, the daft expressions, which all make me laugh so much even without the jokes. I loved every moment of reading this book, and I want to read it again already after just finishing it! I think you’ll enjoy this book much more if you’ve read any of the Julius Zebra books as you’l know all the characters, what they are like, and you’ll even recognise some appearances by ones we’ve seen before like the dung beetle, or that famous rock collection! If you’ve never read a Julius Zebra book though, this joke book might just make you want to start, it’s got a brilliant sense of humour that’s really silly and daft and I’m sure plenty of adults will enjoy the silliness too.

Julius Zebra Joke Book Jamboree book page image two
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I’d really recommend this book to everyone, especially to fans of Julius Zebra! It will definitely make you smile. I kept laughing out loud at the good jokes, the bad jokes and even at the constant commentry on how bad this joke book was, it’s just all so silly and funny and anyone who gets this kind of sense of humour will love this book! There’s even a couple of funny illustrations at the bottom of the ‘about the author’ bit. I just hope that there will be many more adventures of Julius Zebra and therefore more silly joke books like this one in the future, I’m definitely going to keep re-reading this!

Have you read any of the Julius Zebra series before?  Do you like joke books in general or any other type of funny books?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂