This is the second time I’ve been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award and this time it’s by  NS Ford– thank you so much you lovely person! 🙂 ❤

Sunshine Blogger Award two

As last time this lovely award is given to bloggers who inspire or bring ‘sushine’ to the blogging community (I didn’t read that somewhere I just guessed that’s why the name is ‘sunshine blogger award’… ).  I can’t believe I’ve been nominated again and in such a short time too!  Thank you so much for the award and I hope you all enjoy my answers to these new questions 🙂

The Rules

As always there are rules and these are:

  1. Write a post about your nomination and the award.
  2. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link to their blog.
  3. Display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo.
  4. List the rules within your blog post.
  5. Answer the eleven questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you in your post.
  6. Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions to answer.

Questions asked to me:

The following are the questions I was asked in bold with my answers 😀

What kind of sweet/chocolate bar are you?

Ooh, something which is soft and creamy with a hidden nut (or something similar)inside, like the purple one from Quality Street or a Ferrero Rocher (a favourite of mine when I was younger).  I guess it’s because I like to think I have hidden layers and also, although I seem too sensitive to some people sometimes, I am tougher on the inside than people think, and again those hidden layers thing 😉 😛 lol

Which planet in our solar system would you visit and why?

I’d like to visit Neptune and see what it really looks like.  When I was in primary school the class painted the planets, we all had a different planet to paint and make out of papier-mâché, and I was stuck painting Neptune which I found fun but I always wondered if it really looked the way I made it.  I think while there I’d pop over to Pluto and see how it’s doing now it’s been downgraded from being a planet…I still think of it as a plant, and I’d see if I can spot anything further away! 🙂 😛

Do you like or play any sports?

I don’t play sports much at the moment, keeping myself fit in other ways.  But ideally I’d love to play more tennis or badmington.  My first ever ambition as a child was to play tennis professionally (despite never having the resources to!) but obviously it never went anywhere!

What’s the weirdest book on your shelf?

I really don’t know.  What counts as weird?  I probably have books that peope consider weird, especially as I love all kinds of non-ficiton stuff on new age, magic, multiple dimensions stuff but you might also think that it’s weird that I’ve bought books just because they has my name in the title, lol 😀

Favourite toast topping?

I’m so boring but I just love toast and butter!  It’s one of my comfort foods and I’ll always be able to eat toast and butter, although baked beans comes a good second staple of my growing up, whenever I cooked for myself as a teen!

Dream job? (unless you’re already in it!)

Apart from being a successful novelist which I’ve always wanted to do, I’d (and I know this sounds silly) but I’ve always wanted to present in front of a camera or act!  I used to play for hours using a camcorder at home that I was some big presenter and I used to do cookery shows in the kitchen (usually ending in disaster and mess) and I loved showing off how to make things and generally entertained the ‘audience’ which was usually me and my family.  I also loved acting when I got the chance and thrived on improvisation especially!…I think I used to be funnier and less serious than I am now, maybe I should go back to that version of me 🤔

Spring, summer, autumn or winter?

Spring!  The summer can get too hot for me (although I like warm August days and cold August nights).  Autumn is getting colder so more depressing.  Winter is too cold.  so I pick Spring because like with Goldilocks and the three bears, spring is just right 🙂

Do you know any languages other than English or are there any you want to learn?

Embarassingly I should know more Polish than I do.  I used to speak it before English  (until the age of about 5) but I speak so much English know I’ve lost some of my Polish!!  My family are now helping me re-learn what I can’t remember, lol 🙂   I also half know French, well I say I half-know it but I wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation though I’m pretty confident of what people are saying to me. 😀   I studied Spanish at school and wish I could remember it as that, along with Japanese are two more languages I really want to be able to speak fluently one day….too ambitious?

Which book would like to see adapted for film or TV?

I’m trying to think of which books I’d love this to happen which haven’t already had a movie or tv series done!  I guess I could see The Dark Days Club/ Lady Helen trilogy made on screen (though I haven’t read more than the first book yet).  I also can’t wait to watch Scythe on screen, that is one I’m really looking forward too!

What periods of history are you most interested in?

I really love history but the further back periods fascinate me so much more than recent history.  I have always loved Ancient Egypt since I was a child and I have a weird fascination with medieval times too.

You write an autobiography… what’s the title?

This really is a tough one for me.  Any questions about who would play me in a film or what my autobiography would be called just stump me as I really don’t know what to think about myself yet.  I feel like I’m still figuring myself out, especially after overcoming a big depressive state in my life, so for now maybe I’d call it something boring like: New Beginnings 🙂

My nominations:

As usual I’m picking some of you lovely people but I just am not sure who to pick so it’s going to be a random selection of some of the wonderful people I follow.  If I haven’t picked you it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve this award, either I know that you’re not really into doing awards or I just struggled to think of all the lovely people who I follow.  So anyway the eleven nominees:

  1. BookCraic
  2. Priyanka Nair
  3. Joys, Blessings, and Poetry
  4. The Reading Chemist
  5. Lifesfinewhine
  6. Wellbean Blog
  7. The Wellbeing Blogger
  8. ThatAutisticFitChick
  9. Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author
  10. mxrshmallowqueen

Questions to nominees:

  1. You get to go back in time and tell youself one thing, what is it?
  2. Do you or did you like to collect anything?
  3. What are your favourite tv shows?
  4. What do you love most about blogging?
  5. What’s your favourite genres to read?
  6. What’s the story behind your blog name and tagline?
  7. Where would you like your blog to be in 5 years time (asuming you are still blogging then)?
  8. If you could live in one book, which one would it be and why?
  9. What music do you enjoy and what did you enjoy as a teenager?
  10. What do you like to drink: tea, coffee, or something else?
  11. What’s your favourite quote?

So, did you like my answers 🙂  Don’t forget to tag me in your post if you decide to do this award.  and if I didn’t pick you then you can still do this award (just remember to tag me) as I believe all of you are inspirational bloggers bringing a little sunshine into everyone’s lives 🙂

Did you like my answers?  What about the questions I asked?  Feel free to answer any and let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂