I’ve been lucky enough to receive another book this month in the post and I’m so excited! 😀  This lovely looking book comes from the wonderful author Suzanne Rogerson, a fantasy author who I’ve been lucky enough to read a couple of books from already.  This book is the second in the ‘Silent Sea Chronicles’ trilogy, the first one I’ve already reviewed here.  Let me know what you think of this book after reading the blurb:

The Sentine's Reign feature image two
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The Sentinel’s reign by Suzanne Rogerson – The Sentinel’s reign is doomed to failure unless Tei can prevent the Kalayan people from plunging into war. With the new Sentinel initiated and the magic restored on Kalaya, life is flourishing for Tei and the exiles. But Rathnor’s plans for war soon escalate and thwart any chance of peace. Brogan’s position on the Assembly is uncertain as rumours circulate that he is an exile spy. After an attempt on his life, Farrell is more determined than ever to build a home for his people on Stone Haven. But the council have their sights set on Kalaya and Farrell struggles to steer them from war. As trouble brews within and outside forces gather against them, can the exiles keep their hold on the magic, or will this spell the end of Kalaya and its people? The Sentinel’s Reign is a heroic fantasy. If you like character-driven adventures then you will love The Sentinel’s Reign.


I’ll be reviewing this book as soon as I finish reading it but I just can’t wait as I love fantasy stories, it’s one of my favourite genres, if not my favourite overall! 😀  What are your favourite genres and what books have you recently gotten hold of to read?

What do you think of this book?  Have you read any books in the trilogy yet?  What other books are you looking forward to reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂