Words are what we use to communicate with others every day.  We use words on a daily basis, read them, speak them and think about the words we say.   Sometimes we don’t think about what we say but the words just come out and are very much influenced by our emotions at the time we say them.  But are words more powerful than you think?  And can words really affect not only our minds but our bodies too?

A love/hate experiment

I recently watched some videos on YouTube that came us as recommended to me which seemed to be completely random.  I decided to watch one video which of course led to others, and these featured what is now known as the love and hate rice experiment.  The idea comes from an original experiment done some years ago by a japanese man called Dr. Masaru Emoto who did an experiement that featured putting water into different petri dishes, exposing the water to different words and emotions, and then freezing the water samples to see how the crystals of water had arranged themselves.  The experiement has been critisized for the way it was done (things scientists complained would skew the results) however if you trusted the results, they showed that the crystals of water that had positive words like love and gratitude had frozen into beautiful crystals of water that looked like amazing snowflakes, white the water that had been expoosed to hate had crystals that had frozen into no real structure and ended up looking like murky blobs of water. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto created a similar experiment on rice a few years later which has been the experiment that many people online have tried to reproduce, where three jars are filled with water and rice and are sealed.  The water being the key component and the rice a way of visibly seeing the results as it would absorb the water.  Every day one jar labelled ‘love’ had people saying loving things to it, like: I love you, you are wonderful, I appreciate you, etc.  Another jar marked ‘hate’ is spoken to in a horrible way: I hate you, you should die, you are horrible, etc.  And the third jar is simply marked ‘ignore’ which is what people do with it.  Many people have tried to recreate this experiment with not only rice but apples sliced in half, even straberries and some with plants.  None of these experiements are very scientific and skeptics will always state that bacteria and other contaminents in the air are responsible for the results of what happens in these experiements but there is something interesting in the results that many people have reported.

Are the results important?

In Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment, and many others conducted online, the results showed that the rice (or apple/strawberry/plant) that heard lovely loving words was still in good condition after a few days/weeks, while the ‘hate’ rice was going mouldy and bad.  The rice that was ignored did not do so well either.  With results like this the only conclusion Dr. Masaru Emoto and others have is how powerful words are and how, if water can be so affected by words (and affects the things it’s in contact with like the rice) then what affect do these words have on our own bodies which are made up of water too?

Now as I said, skeptics will state that the experiment is flawed and that there evidence of others who have done this where the results have not been the same, which may have been the results of bacteria or simply the people doing the experiments put their own skeptical feelings onto the ‘love’ rice.  But does the evidence really matter that much, after all the main message was that the water was affected but poweful words and emotions, so shouldn’t we be nicer to ourselves and others because words are more powerful than you think?

The power of words on ourselves

I’m not going to do the rice experiment, partly because I don’t want to inflict those horrible words or emotions on anything, not even on rice!  I don’t feel good even saying bad words to anything.  But the truth is that so many of us every day say horrible things to ourselves and others.  Many of us especially use negative emotions and words to belittle ourselves, to make ourselves feel worse.  Sometimes it’s done almost unconsciously, a quick “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve this” here and there.  But at other times so many of us feel the need to scold ourselves, to look so harshly upon who we are.  We use words, and even look into a mirror while saying things like ” I’m stupid, I hate you” and in exteme cases “I wish I was dead”.  These hateful words are more powerful than you think, and even though the rice experiment may have its skeptics, I know how pwerful they are, because I’ve done this to myself.

I’ve suffered years of trauma at a young age which led me to hate who I was for a large section of my life.  Even as recently as a few months ago I said things like “I don’t deserve” to myself when things overwhelmed me and I slid back into the old habits of having a go at myself.  I found it easy to say these nasty things to myself and impossible to say anything loving.  My own hateful comments to myself came from my own issues around my life, from depression and mental health problems and not dealing properly with new traumatic events I had been through.  I know these are extreme things to say, and those with mental health problems like depression are more likely to say things like this to themselves than others, but the fact is that most of us at some point in our lives have said something negative to ourselves or felt it in our hearts.

On other occassions many people take harsh words out on others.  Whether it’s people we know or situations where people get angry, there are plenty of us who have suffered the brunt of name-calling and similar things at school and into our older years, or have been angry at others in the past and said harsh words.  And a lot of people have been on the receiving end of harsh words from people we don’t even know, through political arguments and over social media.  But is the old adage ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’ really true or do we need to rethink what power names and words really have?

Doing the rice experiment on myself

I’ve gone through ups and downs in my life and although life has recently been better for me, I’ve still often said negative things like “I don’t deserve” to myself.  But a few months ago (I can’t remember exactly when) I decided to just stop saying them.  I didn’t say anything positive at first, it just felt to weird and not right to (which is a silly thought but that’s how I flet at the time), but I stopped saying negative things to myself and stopped believing that I was not deserving of happiness and love.  Part of that has been the lovely boost my blog has had in views, followers and comments which kept me from being so depressed, and so I stopped saying negative thigns to myself.  After a few weeks of doing that and watching a lot of positivity videos and reading positive material too, I starteed to feel a whole lot better.  I didn’t feel brilliant yet, but I felt less in pain.  The pain of my life lifted and I began to like living my life again and what I was doing.

I still had bad days, days where I was frustrated about somethign that happened, days where I got upset.  But when I got past the negative emotions I apologised to myself for feeling like that (I acutally apologized into the mirror) for acting the way I did and then got on with the rest of my day.  I had done these exercises before, throughout my life, but most of the time I’d feel good for a while and then break down into feeling bad again.  I would never keep it up for long.  But I was determined that this time would be different.  The feeling of being ‘neutral’ was great.  I felt like a mental barrier to writing more in one day was lifted and I felt myself able to produce and do more in every day – even my ability lots of blog posts in a short space of time increased.  However this neutrality didn’t last because not too long ago I began doing something else, something that has been hard to start, and hard to do but has changed my life.

Not long ago, I began getting into positivity in a new way and really learning to love myself completely.  I’ve done it before, been mindful and positive for a time but things always went downhill after I’d had a mini breakdown and I never dealt with my past or pain 100% so it always came back to haunt me.  But recently I dealt with it (in ways I can share on this blog in future – they’re a bit esoteric 😮 ) and I’ve begun to love myself and say loving things to myself every day.

Being positive

Every morning I wake up and as soon as I remember I tell myself things like “I love myself, I am lovely, I am happy”.  I usually do this every time I go to the bathroom as the mirror in there reminds me to do it!  At first I felt stupid, I didn’t even believe the words I was saying and looking into my relection while saying it just felt all the more ridiculous, but I persisted in saying them and forced myself to look at my reflection and say them. Every day, several times a day, I’d say positive things to myself and keep doing it all the time.  If a negative creeped in, I’d neutralise it by saying “I didn’t mean to say….I love myself, I am a nice person…” and I’d make sure to double the amount of love speech/thoughts for any negative ones.  I know this ssounds silly, but it was my way of overpowering the negative with something positive.

I’ve done all this before but never kept it up with such determination as now.  After just a few days, looking into the mirror and saying these positive words, these positive affirmations made me feel happy.  Looking at my own reflection became easier and I stated to laugh and smile every time I said the words.  The more I say them, the more I believe them, it takes time to get to that positive state but I am getting there already. 🙂  I’ve only been doing this for a short time but the results I can give you are amazing.  I’ve never felt so happy in my life, so free, so amazing and I have never felt so wonderful and loved.  The power of the words I tell myself have transformed me and the more I have been saying loving things to myself, the more I believe in those words I say.

Saying positive things when you are feeling negative is so difficult at first.  You feel like you don’t seserve to feel happy and at first you don’t believe in the words.  but what they do is make you feel good about existing in the world.

The real power of words

Whether the rice or water experiements are real or not  I really don’t think it matters, although personally I do believe they are legitimate experiments and you can try it for yourself if you like.  What really matters is that words are more powerful than we think.  Words are powerful things, and the emotions that go with those words can have such an impact on our mental health and well being.  We underestimate how powerful words are, how much they can affect us throughout our lives.  Words have meanings and we attach such power to hate, many of us today still believe in the hateful or negative things we’ve been told when we were younger.  We find it hard to say something positive because we always feel unworthy, underserving or unloveable.  Yet the negative, derogatory, hateful comments come so easily to us and many of us with low confidence and self-esteem choose to say those negative words to ourselves or even to others when lashing out.

But nobody expects a child born into this world to hate themselves.  Nobody wants to see a child cry, despair and feel unworthy of happiness and life.  And if no child deserves that then why would they when they grow up.  The fact is, no matter what has happened in your life, words are powerful.  Netative words are filled with the power to make us doubt ourselves, to make us feel unworthy and unloveable.  But positive words have the power to heal those wounds, to make us feel worthy, happy, loved and excited to face the world we live in.

Loving ourselves is the key to living a better life.  We need to learn love ourselves.  We need to learn to be happy with who we are and love who we are because we only get this one body in this one lifetime and it’s far better to learn to love it and then enjoy our lives than be constantly in pain and full of self-hate.  Even if you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved (even by yourself) remember that there is always someone out there who does care and love you and if you think there is nobody then talk to me, because I believe you are ❤

To everyone reading:

So, to everyone reading this who has managed to make it to the bottom, I want to say something because even written words read have the power to heal:  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  I appreciate every single one of you.  You are amazing for reading this post and for taking the time to visit here today.  You are a wonderful person and you deserve to live a wonderful life.  I wish you lots of love and happiness today and in your life. ❤

Do you believe words are very powerful?  Have you tried the rice experiement for yourself?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂