Following on from yesterday’s post The Amazing and Terrifying Power of Words: Love & Hate I wanted to share this poem I wrote some time ago and forgot about.  Reading it back helped me realise all that I need to keep doing and working through to imporve my life.  I hope you like this poem and maybe some of you can resonate with its message?

An Apology…

I’m sorry for the way I’ve acted,
I’m sorry for all I have done.
I’m sorry for always being against,
For never wanted to have fun.

I’m sorry for saying you don’t matter,
I’m sorry for all the bad speech.
I’m sorry I couldn’t say nice things,
Words, rather, burned like bleach.

I’m sorry for all of the lies,
I’m sorry for my twisted mind.
I’m sorry I said hatful things to you,
Instead of being kind.

I’m sorry for hating, not loving,
I’m sorry it’s taken this long.
I’m sorry I didn’t realise,
That I can be good and strong.

So please accept and forgive me,
I will change from this very day.
I’ll learn to love and not hate you,
This to you, my reflection, I say.

Poem first appeared online August 2016 – now republished here.

Do you like this poem?  Do you feel you need to apologise to yourself now or in the past?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂