Title: The Vets at Hope Green: Follow Your Heart (Vets at Hope Green #2)
Author: Sheila Norton
Publisher: Ebury Digital
Genre: Contemporary
Book format: Digital (pre-release copy)

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Description: Working as the receptionist at her local London vets, Sam dreams of escaping to a quieter life in the country. Spending time with her Nana and her lovely but elderly dog Rufus has sparked something within Sam, and all she wants is to start afresh. But her boyfriend Adam is in London, and something tells her that it won’t be an easy conversation.
But then something happens that makes her going-nowhere receptionist job seem much more appealing: she finds a little stray cat called Ebony, in need of love and nurturing back to health. Faced with a dilemma, she must choose between her heart’s desire and the little ball of fluff burrowing her way into Sam’s heart…
Is it possible to have it all?

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Review:  Back in London Sam is torn between her job, which she loves, her boyfriend, her friends, and her idyllic life back in Hope Green. With tensions mounting between Sam and Adam, and a poor little kitten in need of help, Sam’s about to make a very important decision.

‘Follow Your Heart’ is the second part of ‘The Vets at Hope Green’, a book which has been split into four parts (although is now available as a whole book to buy too). The first part of this book introduced us to Sam, a woman who loves working at a vets clinic in London but takes the chance to visit her Nana in the country village of Hope Green. We were introduced to some of the characters and a great story beginning to unfold, but I was also left wondering if I wanted to continue on with the series. I’m pleased to say part two has really hooked me into this!

In this second part of the serialised book, the story continues as Sam spends some time in London and goes visiting Hope Green again. I won’t go into details about what happens as I don’t want to spoil the plot for those who have yet to read part one, but the whole story becomes far more interesting and all the same characters are back. I am really enjoying the tension between Joe and Sam as well as the overall relationships developing between certain characters.

The whole story has a great feel to it and I love the constant inclusion of animals in the plot, especially the focus on cats in this part of the series (I love cats!). There are some funny moments in the story, I even laughed aloud during one of the exchanges between Sam and Joe, and although there is once again a predictable feel to the story (the mini plot focusing on the kitten was of course very predictable) it still feels like a great book to read as the whole story is well written and the characters are nicely developed.

There is nothing offensive at all in this book and there is an amazing cliffhanger moment at the end which has hooked me into reading the rest of this series. I usually don’t like cliffhanger endings, but I’m slowly starting not to mind so much. I don’t know how the whole series will turn out but I’m definitely enjoying it and would so far recommend it, the only criticism I have is that if you leave too long between reading parts one and two you might forget who some of the people are as they aren’t re-introduced but just continue with the story.  Of course you can always just read the next part straight away to avoid this, or the whole book in one go! I can’t wait for part three!

Review first appeared online February 2017 – now republished here-.

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