Title: Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Not One Tiny Bit Lovey-dovey Moon Adventure (Uncle Shawn and Bill #3)
Author: A. L. Kennedy
Illustrator: Gemma correll
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s fiction, Humour
Book format: Hardback
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It’s been full for ages and it’s not granting wishes any more.  Someone needs to fix it.
Badger Bill has always wanted to go to the moon.  Unfortunately he’s busy tring to be in love with a lady badger who is definitely charming and wonderful and not at all part of an evil scheme.
It looks like Bill’s best friend Uncle Shawn is going to have to go to the moon without him.  Luckily he knows just what to do – al he needs is his flying saucer, an invisible girl and hats.  Lots of hats.

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Review:  Aw, I’ve loved every single one of Uncle Shawn and Bill’s adventures and this one is just as good as the two previous books! This time something strange is happening with the moon, it’s no longer granting wishes, which makes Uncle Shawn worry about what could have happened up there. But when he wants to talk to his friend Badger Bill about it, it turns out Bill is too busy rushing around to listen to him. The book is an easy to read one, with easy to read text and lots of funny black and white illustrations throughout!

This book picks up after the last one in terms of which characters are now at Uncle Shawn’s farm, but that doesn’t mean you have to have read the first two books to enjoy this one as they work well as stand alone novels. Just like the previous two books, this one a plot that is just as funny and silly as the previous two books and is both funny and and heartwarming at the end too. This time Bill finds himself instantly in love with a lady badger called Miranda, however she isn’t as wonderful and sweet as Bill thinks she is.

Uncle Shawn and Bill book three book page one
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There is a lot that happens in this book and as usual there are short chapters (called ‘sections’) which all begin with a quick and often funny description of what will happen in the chapter. You feel the narrator talking to you directly rather than being a background voice for the story. The story is as usual funny and silly at the same time. The way Bill begins acting around Miranda is so silly, the twins from the last book now make an appeareance in this one too (as well as another character) and I can’t help but always love the llamas and their silly behaviour. There’s an especially lovely story arc featuring Brian who’s always just worrying about everything!

There are illustrations throughout the book, among the text, with a picture at the start of every chapter/section too. Some of these pictures take up half a page while others can fill a whole page and they are all very funny with a good sense of humour. I’m not sure why but I find myself so engaged in looking at the illustrations which do look a little child-like. I especially love the way Bill looks with those little arms and legs and the scared look on Brian’s face. There are plenty of illustrations of what is happening in the story and I love the pictures that show a little more than the text of the story, extra things such as a list of all the bad things a bad character enjoys doing (along with funny pictures of them too). I can’t help but think that I wouldn’t enjoy this book as much if it wasn’t for the very funny pictures and I love how they really move the story along.

Uncle Shawn and Bill book three book page two
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I’ve enjoyed this book so much and it has a great ending to it which of course is a happy one (although I won’t spoil it!). I especially loved this book because of the funny story with Miranda Badger and Bill’s crazy infatuation with her. I really hope the adventures for Uncle Shawn and Bill continue and I’d definitely recommend this book for kids (and maybe some adults too) who would enjoy a funny book with a lot of silliness and a great ending. I’d also recommend checking out the first two books in the series too-especially to see who all the characters are!

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