Title: The Vets at Hope Green: A New Start (Vets at Hope Green #4)
Author: Sheila Norton
Publisher: Ebury Digital
Genre: Contemporary
Book format: Digital (pre-release copy)

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Description:  The last few months have been hard for Sam. Her dream to work as a vet is slowly becoming reality, and she is beginning to encounter the struggles and heartbreaks that someone in a job like this must face.
But what’s more heartwarming and inspiring than a litter of new piglets? On a call to a farm with Joe, Sam can’t help but feel a sense of renewal in her own life as she witnesses one of the most glorious and natural processes of all.
Sam’s thoughts inevitably turn to her own child – will she be able to cope when the baby is born? And with her love life so shaky, will a fatherless child turn out all right?

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  With her due date getting ever closer and a few revelations putting a new understanding on things, Sam is still having a tough time coping with everything. Will there be any problems with her pregnancy and how will things work out between Sam and the men in her life?

The last part to ‘The Vets at Hope Green’ called ‘A Fresh Start’ is the long awaited conclusion to the story that’s been serialised (and is now available as the full-length novel too!). I couldn’t help but get into the final part right away and things move quickly for all the characters. This fourth part really gives the tale it’s conclusion but it’s such a great one and better than I had imagined.

I really enjoyed reading this. Although by now much of it was predictable, this didn’t matter as I sometimes love a story with an obvious satisfying ending which is more about the journey than the destination. The story settles all loose ends around the many characters especially the men in Sam’s life and each of those conclusions is very satisfying too.

Overall I can really recommend this series of books, either purchased separately or together in one novel. The story actually had me smiling and it has such a great and heartwarming ending. A real feel good book and something I think anyone will enjoy as there’s nothing offensive at all.

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