Title: Swipe Right for Murder
Author: Derek Milman
Publisher: Jimmy Patterson/ Little, Brown
Genre: Teen/Young adult fiction, Thriller
Book format: Hardcover (pre-release ARC copy)
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Description:  An epic case of mistaken identity puts a teen looking for a hookup on the run from both the FBI and a murderous cult in this compulsively readable thriller.
Finding himself alone in a posh New York City hotel room for the night, Aidan does what any red-blooded seventeen-year-old would do–tries to hook up with someone new. But that lapse in judgement leads him to a room with a dead guy and a mysterious flash drive…two things that spark an epic case of mistaken identity that puts Aidan on the run–from the authorities, his friends, his family, the people who are out to kill him–and especially from his own troubled past.
Inspired by a Hitchcock classic, this whirlwind mistaken-identity caper has razor-sharp humor, devastating emotional stakes, and a thrilling storyline with an explosive conclusion to make this the most compelling YA novel of 2019.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  Wow, this book has been such been such an exciting read which has kept me on the edge of my seat with it’s non-stop action, while also setting off quite a few emotions as well!  Swipe Right for Murder is a brilliant thriller following seventeen-year-old Aidan who is gay and has had a bit of a troubled past.  He ends up spending a night, alone, at the Madarin Oriental hotel in New York during spring break, but with nothing to do he decides to hook up with someone nearby, at the hotel, via an app.  Things don’t go as simply as Aidan expected though, and he soon finds himself on the run from the police, and a more sinister organization.

This book was easy to get into right away and it didn’t take long before the main action of Aidan being on the run begins.  A few things happen at the hotel which lead him to finding the man he hooked up dead, murdered, and somehow Aidan is assumed to be his killer.  It’s a case of mistaken identity but with no option to go to the police and some kind of organization knowing more about Aidan than they should, he ends up having to go on the run, to clear his name and find out what is going on.  The book really does have a feel of Hitchcock’s North by Northwest and is just brilliant at keeping you guessing as to what’s really going on!  Aidan is a character I really liked getting to know and despite the issues he’s had in the past, which you slowly learn about through flashback style moments, you feel for him and just want to find out what’s going on and hope that everything will work out.

The fast-pace of the story keeps you on edge and the little revelations which keep unfolding keep you wondering who is really responsible for everything and who the bad guys really are.  I don’t want to give away more of the plot as it’s just so exciting to have it unfold as you read it, but I will say that there are so many twists, that you’ll never be able to guess what’s happening to the end.  As well as being a brilliant thriller this book also has a more personal story with Aidan and the problems he’s had with relationships and family as a gay teenager.  There’s also a wider story about acceptance of gay people in society as a whole but this does play out on a very personal level with the characters involved and I liked the way the whole story went, especially how Aidan’s relationship with others and himself evolved over the course of the story.

The ending is a really good one and I like how the author wraps up the main story and then gives us a deeper insight into the things that happened since those events.  I liked the way he did this in his first novel Scream All Night which I also read and really enjoyed.  It makes you feel even more for Aidan and makes this feel like a far more satisfying ending to the book than just finishing the story after what happened during spring break.  There’s a real coming-of-age feel to this last part and I like the way Aidan and some of the other charcters have changed and grown up in this final part.  I think this ending would also make any teenager, gay or not, who might be going through similar problems to Aidan feel better about themselves too.

I would recommend this thriller to anyone who loves a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing.  It’s definitely a very exciting read and one with a lot of deeper things to think about too.  Apart from leaving you tense and guessing what what will happen next, it’s also got a lot of humour in it too, I found myself laughing out loud at certain points when characters, usually Aidan, said something which just made me burst out laughing, as well as feeling a few other emotions as well.  It’s definitely a very good read and I’d recommend it to all teens and above but I will add that there is use of the f and s swear words every now and then as well as mentions of sex, though nothing really graphic, and there’s a bit of drug use (although this really was for just a brief moment) as well as some violence and death which younger teens might not like depending on how used to violence they are in books.

Overall I just can’t believe how gripped I’ve been reading this book!  I already loved the author’s previous novel Scream All Night and now Swipe Right for Murder has possibly topped my love of the first novel!  If you are into thrillers, especially if you love a good movie thriller like Hitchcock’s, then please give this one a try, it’s definitely worth reading and has a very satisfying ending.

-‘Swipe right for Murder’ is released on 6th August 2019 with hardback copies in the UK on 29th August!

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