Many of us have felt at some point in our lives that being different is bad.  From an early age at school we are taught to conform to the school rules and to not stand out too much or else we draw attention to ourselves.  Some of us may have been blessed to have been told that being different is a positive thing.  But when, like me, you’ve spent years of your life being told that different is wrong and that you should hide who you are, or conform to the society’s way of doing things or way of being, then it can feel so difficult to be truly ourselves, to feel like our differences are good and to be celebrated.

But being different really is fine, it’s not natural for us to all be the same.  If we were all the same then we’d all be identical, and nobody (not even twins) are completely identical on this planet.  So embrace your differences and know that whatever you want to do in life, even if it isn’t something that others are expecting you to do, it’s fine to be different and it’s fine to do things differently.  In that spirit I hope you enjoy today’s poem which will hopefully solidify the idea that being different is fine 🙂  Have a lovely day everyone ❤ 🙂

Different is Fine

Though you may feel strange inside,
Different from the rest.
Know inside your heart and mind,
You are truly blessed.

Though at times you feel alone,
As if no one does care.
Know inside your heart and mind,
There’s always someone there.

Though you suffer hurt within,
May want to run and hide.
Know inside your heart and mind,
Let truth within you guide.

Be yourself, be who you are,
Inside you are just fine.
Know your path is just delayed,
In time life let’s you shine.

-Poem first appeared online September 2017 – now republished here.

Are there any things you want to do in life which you felt in the past were too ‘different’?  What differences are you proud of in yourself?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂