Title: The Usborne book of Drawing, doodling and colouring Fashion
Publisher: Usborne Publishing
Genre: Colouring
Book format: Paperback
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Review:  This book is the best fashion colouring and doodling book I’ve come across to date. Although most of the Usborne colouring books I’ve looked at feel like they are usually aimed at younger kids I believe older kids and even some adults will enjoy designing and doodling in this book (just like I do!).

Drawing doodling and colouring fashion book page image one
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The book is pretty big, a little wider than A4 size and just as big, it is filled with thick pages of crisp white paper which is very smooth and easy to apply colouring pens and pencils too.  The paper feels just a little thicker than some colouring books which is of course good, although printed on both sides of each page.  I haven’t tried using pens on this but I do believe that as long as you don’t leave press them onto the page for too long then they will work well in this book.  There are plenty of pages in this book with different things to doodle and colour, all related to fashion.  Most pages have some form of colouring on them already, like a background coloured in, or an example of a coloured in hat on one page, with the rest left blank for you to fill in.  I like this added detail of colour, it doesn’t interfere with the doodling and colouring you will do, as the background colours are pale, and it just makes filling this book feel less daunting.  Some of the pages even have a look and feel of being part of a fashion designers notebook or similar, it just adds to the feel that you are a fashion designer while using this book 🙂

Drawing doodling and colouring fashion book page image two
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The great thing about this book to some others fashion colouring books I’ve seen is the differences in each of the pages. One page will have you designing some outfits for catwalk models, another will ask you to design a range of gloves, another asks you to design nail art, hats, hair styles and a couple of pages even invite you to doodle little people shopping for fashion!  It’s a real mixture of different things, all fashion related which just feels so fun and makes this book feel more creative as there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  All of the illustrations of gloves, hats, people, etc. look different to one another, as if different illustrators designed the different pages of this book. Some pages have just a few models to design outfits for and others have so many little dolls of dressmakers dummies to doodle outfits onto that there will definitely be a page in here that everyone will enjoy doodling on (and of course colouring in later if you want).

Drawing doodling and colouring fashion book page image three
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I’ve already mentioned it but the paper itself is of such a high quality, so very thick and very smooth, that my pencils just glide on each page making for very smooth colouring in.  It makes colouring in all the more fun. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, adult, teen or child who is interested at all in fashion and design in general.  There’s so many pages of doodling to explore, more pages of colouring in and of course many pages where you can do both.  It really does feel like a great book at sparking creativity in the mind of whoever is using it, and I didn’t realise how much I love designing fashion until I got this book.

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Do you enjoy fashion or designing your own fashions?  What sort of things do you like to doodle?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂