Animals have such an amazing power on us.  For those of us who have pets we know the positive effects that having a pet can have  on our wellbeing.  They bring us joy, happiness and lots of cuddles, especially if you have the furry kind of pet.  And in times when we do not feel so happy, they bring us comfort and can even help us to heal both physically and mentally.

There are many case studies which show that animals have a positive effect on our physical body, having a dog or cat cuddle us and spend time with us for example can lower our heartrates, and many parents of children with disabilities and problems like autism will attest to the positive effect those animals have on their children’s health, especially mental health too.  Animals have an effect on both our physical and mental health and for those of us who feel a deep connection with our pets, we know just how important they are to healing our wounds, especially those mental wounds we encounter during certain events in our lives. 

To celebrate the wonderful relationship animals can have on our mental and physical health I wrote this poem some time ago but I wanted to re-post it here as it really does celebrate that bond.  If you do not have a pet but are looking for a way to help heal yourself and give you back a reason to smile, then if it’s possible, I’d recommend getting a pet.  They really do change your lives for the better, they bring you comfort and happiness.  They are there to love and adore you, they will always be a shoulder to cry on, and you can expect them to always be there for a cuddle….Even though many of us joke that some pets don’t care (like cats) they actually do.  🙂

I hope you enjoy this poem everyone, and regardless of whether you have an animal you can cuddle in your life, I hope you all have a lovely, healing and positive day ❤ 🙂

Heart’s True Healer

The day I saw you sitting there,
I knew it in my heart.
Your eyes revealed all your care,
It finally could start.
Your smille, the sound you always made,
The way you would just be.
You gave my soul its own band aid,
Let all the bad go free.
I never thought such short a time,
It’d take to mend the hurt.
For me out of bad thoughts I’d climb,
For myself to revert.
And now the pain is at an end,
I’m where I used to be.
You’re more than just to me a friend,
You are now family.

-Poem first appeared online April 2017 – now repblished here.

What do you think of this poem?  Do you have a pet in your life?  Do you think animals have the power to heal?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂