Title: The Sentinel’s Reign (Silent Sea Chronicles #2)
Author: Suzanne Rogerson
Publisher: Suzanne Rogerson
Genre: Fantasy
Book format: Paperback
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Description:  The Sentinel’s reign is doomed to failure unless Tei can prevent the Kalayan people from plunging into war. With the new Sentinel initiated and the magic restored on Kalaya, life is flourishing for Tei and the exiles. But Rathnor’s plans for war soon escalate and thwart any chance of peace.  Brogan’s position on the Assembly is uncertain as rumours circulate that he is an exile spy.  After an attempt on his life, Farrell is more determined than ever to build a home for his people on Stone Haven. But the council have their sights set on Kalaya and Farrell struggles to steer them from war.  As trouble brews within and outside forces gather against them, can the exiles keep their hold on the magic, or will this spell the end of Kalaya and its people?  The Sentinel’s Reign is a heroic fantasy.  If you like character-driven adventures then you will love The Sentinel’s Reign.

*Free copy provided by author for review…

Review:  Wow, this is another brilliant installment of the Silent Sea Chronicles which left reeling after the many twists and turns, which I wasn’t expecting, especially towards the ending.  I haven’t been able to get this story out of my head for several days now, and I just can’t wait to read the final part!  The Sentinel’s Reign is the second part to this trilogy and picks up the story from where the first one ended.  Unlike with some books, this one will be enjoyed much more if you read the first part, otherwise you might struggle to know who all the characters are or what is happening.

There is so much in this story it’s hard for me to even summarise what happens at the start.  As with the first book the action bounces around to different characters.  This is done well though and you never get confused as to what is happening.  In fact moving between the different characters on Kalaya: Brogen, Tei, Callisa, etc. and Farrell’s story on Stone Haven, really speeds up the pace of this book and I can’t help but feel like I’m watching some epic movie while reading!

The story becomes so much more involving than it already felt from the first book.  Farrell’s story deepens when we learn who it is who is speaking to him and the tensions on Kalaya between the various factions builds up to an exciting and devastating level.  There is so much that happens in this story that it leaves you feling a whole mix of emotions.  There are exciting moments, sad ones, unbelievable twists and dark turns.  And even towards the ending which I thought was all wrapped up nicely, there were yet more twists to what happens with some key characters!  I enjoyed seeing the relationships deveoping in the story.  Although we already saw the relationships between so many characters develop in the first book there was a change in some of them, I especially liked the way Tei and Callisa moved forwards despite the rough patch they go through, and even the big villain of the story who is such an interesting and exciting character to read, has more to him than first appears.

The ending of this book is very satisfying.  It has a good ending that feels very wrapped up and yet there are still things that are left open and a threat that isn’t yet solved that makes you want to read the final book to find out what happens.  I can’t help but feel a bit sad though as there are some characters that don’t make it, especially at the end of the story and I couldn’t help but want to see more of one of them in the next book although this isn’t likely.

Overall I just can’t recommend this book (and book one in the series) high enough.  There is such an amazing and detailed plot, with so much happening and you really don’t know what will happen to the characters.  It’s not many books where I can say that I really didn’t expect certain characters would die or that certain things would happen but this book just left me reeling after the emotional rollercoaster it’s put me on.  I’d definitely recommend this (and the first book in the series) to any fantasy lover and even those who aren’t so into fantasy but who are open to trying it.  The book deals with magic, telepathy and characters on the astral plane, but they are all human in nature and it’s definitely both a plot driven as well as character driven novel.  This story will still be stuck in my head for a while yet and I just can’t wait to read the third and final installment in this amazing series!

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