I wanted to give you a different post today, seeing as there’s been a lot of poetry posts and I wanted to give you something else to read about to inspire or make you happy.  However this has happened to me for the last few days for various different reasons, and I’d like to know…Has it ever happened to you?…

A Brilliant Idea!

I had a brilliant idea today,
Of blog post for you to read,
One that would make you smile,
Make you click on it in your feed.

But then a knock at the door,
Distracted me for a while,
And when I returned to write,
I dropped my very smile.

What was I going to write,
Oh, what was I going to say,
Write a funny story,
An article or a play?

I’d forgotten all the words,
The very core of my post,
I thought I could remember,
Think back…..Almost.

But no, they were now gone,
Never to be returned,
I should have written it down,
A painful lesson learned.

So here is what I wrote,
A little poem for you instead,
Maybe you’ll think it funny,
Or a balloon filled with lead.

-Poem first appeared online Janruary 2018 – now republished here.

Have you ever completely forgotten what you wanted to write about, or what you wanted to do?  What reasons have made you forget, a knock at a door, a notification, etc.?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂