This is the second book haul post of the month so far and these books come from the lovely people of Andersen Press and a special thank you to Walker Books who take care of distribution for Andersen Press and have helped to send these lovely books my way.  There’s a lovely set of three different ages of books from a picture book collection I’m sure so many will love, to children’s reading books and even a YA novel!  Let me know which, if any, of these books you’d be excited to read 😀 (brief descriptions found below)

September Andersen Press book haul
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Elmer: A Classic Collection by David McKee – A collection of five of Elmer’s best loved tales, bound together for his 30th Anniversary. Stories include Elmer, Elmer and the Rainbow and Elmer’s Special Day.

Chinglish by Sue Cheung – Jo Kwan is a teenager growing up in 1980s Coventry with her annoying little sister, too-cool older brother, a series of very unlucky pets and utterly bonkers parents. But unlike the other kids at her new school or her posh cousins, Jo lives above her parents’ Chinese takeaway. And things can be tough …

The Bolds Box Set by Julian Clary & Ddavid Roberts – The Bolds are just like you and me: they live in a nice house (in Teddington), they have jobs (like writing Christmas cracker jokes) and they love to have a giggle. One slight difference: they’re hyenas. This boxset includes 4 hilarious Bolds adventures.


As with all book haul posts, you’ll soon see these books reviewed here on this blog.  I’ve received a lot of books recently so there may be a bit of a delay or I might mix some of the newer books with some older, but you will see these books appearing soon(ish).  In the meantime tell me your thoughts.

Which books above are you interested in reading?  What books are you looking forward to reading this month?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂