Title: Where’s Wally? Double Trouble at the Museum: The Ultimate Spot-the-Difference Book! Over 500 Differences to Spot!
Author: Martin Handford
Illustrator: Martin Handford
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s activity, Non-fiction, Puzzle
Book format: Hardback
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Description: The ultimate search and find book with double the fun!
Join Wally and his friends for a day at the museum.  Hidden among the amazing artefacts and exciting exhibitions are over 500 fiendish differences to find!  Wow!  The spot-the-difference challange starts now!
Have you found Wally yet?

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review: This is a clever, new take on the Where’s Wally? books with even more to search for than before! ‘Where’s Wally? Double Trouble at the Museum’ is a larger book and as usual is filled with glossy and thick pages of lots of colourful and very detailed images. Like in previous Wally books the idea is to find Wally, his friends and all the other items that you’re asked to find but the difference this time is that you also have a spot-the-differernce puzzle on every double page too!

Where's Wally Double Trouble at the Museum inner cover
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From the inside cover there’s some details that you have to spot the difference and then each double page spread features the same two images, one on each page, although sometimes re-arranged slightly differently. There are lots of different images from museum exhibits and parades to book covers and more, and each one of these images on its own has lots of things to spot and find. Once you’ve found Wally, his friends and their various items, as well as all the other things you’re asked to spot, you can then see if you can spot the differences between the two images. A bonus though is that Wally and his friends (as well as their items) change position from the first image you looked at making each seperate ‘identical’ image another fun activity as you try to spot the differences as well as re-spot everyone and everything again.

Where's Wally Double Trouble at the Museum book page image one
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I’ve always loved Where’s Wally? books, ever since I was a child, and getting older these books are still just as fun today (even for adults) as they ever were. There are so many fun details to look at on each page and even when you’re not trying to spot Wally and the various items listed, you can just stare at each image for ages (I do!) and see all the crazy and funny things happening with all the characters. Every page has so much detail and although some of these image felt like they had less people or things in them than with some books (so I worried they would be easier to do) there is still a lot to see and I haven’t yet spotted everything on each page yet, although I’ve already spent a lot of time loooking!

At the back of the book, on the last page, are even more things to spot in each image. There are lists for every double page in the book and it gives you more reason to go back and re-look at all of the fun images again. Another fun aspect of this book is that not every page is simply a scene, some of the differences to spot involve statues or even books which all have funny covers, names and author names and they are re-arranged differently on the seperate pages too making just finding the same book a bit tricky, let alone spotting differences after that!

Where's Wally Double Trouble at the Museum book page image two
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This is a great book to add to your Where’s Wally collection or a great first book if you’ve never seen this series before, especially as the book is a bit larger and that makes everything easier to spot. It’s definitely a book that although aimed at kids, will be enjoyed by anyone who picks it up to have a look.

Do you like this latest edition of Where’s Wally?  Did you read Where’s Wally/Waldo books as a child?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂