Today I’d like to share a poem I wrote a couple of years ago.  At the time I had been in a dark place emotionally and had made it through a dark patch and into the light.  However, just like back then, I recently went through a bit of an emotional time too, though not as bad as once before, I sometimes have a day, or days where things feel like they aren’t going right, and where I withdraw myself from life a little, to make myself feel better.

We all suffer days where our lives aren’t going quite right, and times when we feel like everything is going wrong.  Those times aren’t meant to last forever and friendship, and yes it can be online friendship, is something that can be crucial to your wellbeing.  We don’t often realise how important friendship is and how having a friend, a true friend can really boost your mood and help you through bad times. We should never underestimate the power of the friendships we do have and when we are feeling up to it (after a bad patch or just whenever we can), we should let our friends know just how important they are.

Online friendship is something that has kept me going for so long.  When I began this blog I fully commited to being 100% me, and never feeling I couldn’t be myself or post what I wanted to.  I’d never felt so free and able to be myself on previous blogs which I attempted to keep and it’s amazing the transformation that it’s had on my life.  I’ve met so many like-minded people who I would call friends, whether we meet in real-life or not doesn’t really matter, but the online community can be a wonderful thing, and every time I am here I feel it lifts me out of my sad spot.  So this poem, although written a while ago feels so right to re-post here, and is for everyone I have ever had the wonderful opportunity to meet (and also for those of you who I have yet to meet and call ‘friend’) 🙂

To You Dear Friend…

©The Strawberry Post

A big thank you for being my friend,
May our closeness never end.
You cheer me up when I am down,
Replace with smile my deepest frown.
You give me courage when I have none,
Destroy the clouds, bring out the sun.
Help me see, when I am lost,
Warm my heart, thaw the frost.
Even if we know not well,
Each other yet to say we gel.
Even if you are unknown,
I’m grateful for what you have shown.
So please accept, to you I thank,
For lifting me from dark and dank.
For shining a path that is so clear,
For releasing me from all the fear.
I thank for you put me on the track,
Though cannot promise I won’t go back.
But now I know, will find my way,
For you will save me when I stray.

-Poem first appeared online Janruary 2017 – now republished here.

How important is friendship to you?  Do you consider online friendship to be as important as offline?  Have your friends ever helped you through a bad patch?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂