In the northern hemisphere we are heading towards the winter months, with the start of autumn/fall recently, and like many people living in areas that are prone to darker and cloudy weather in the colder months (like here in the UK) I sometimes suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  This disorder makes people feel, as the name suggests, sad and can lead you to feeling depressed and sometimes very upset for no real reason other than the fact it’s getting dark.  Those suffering from SAD may not realise the reason for their depression in these colder months but it’s important to realise if you do suffer from this condition as there are steps you can take to make things better for yourself.

Suffering from SAD?

If you are a sufferer of SAD, please know that you aren’t alone and feeling upset or depressed when it’s dark is a natural thing.  I think a lot of us like the light and our bodies certainly need and thrive with sunlight so when it gets darker every day and more murky a lot of us tend to feel depressed, even at times we think we shouldn’t be.  If you are feeling depressed you should always seek help from a doctor or speak to someone, anyone, to not feel alone, especially if those feelings are very strong and make you feel very isolated, alone and very negative towards yourself.  There can be, of course, many causes for depression, but if you think yours might be caused by SAD, which you can sometimes tell by realising that if the day was sunny you’d probably feel in a different mood, then there are things you can do.  Some people feel better getting a light box, which mimics daylight, and sitting in front of it.  I haven’t tried this yet but it’s something I’m thinking of for the future.  Others simply remind themselves that they are suffereing from the symptoms of SAD and that this will pass when it gets lighter.


If you are suffering from depression, sadness or a general bad mood which is brought on by the lack of sunlight in the next few months then please remember that Seasonal Affective Disorder is normal and many people go through it.  You are not strange for feeling this way, even if you see others coping well it doesn’t matter, (besides, deep inside they may not be coping that well themselves or have other problems they hide well).  What matters and is important is that you remind yourself that you are suffering from SAD and the feelings of depression and sadness are heightened because of the darker days.  Try to get into natural sunlight if you can, but if it’s not possible, just keep reminding yourself that it’s just the dark weather, the dark time of year and you’ll feel better when the sun is out.  Take every day, one step at a time and do something that makes you smile and laugh every day, to help ward off the sadness.

I have written a poem below for those of you who may be feeling the SADness.  just to remind yourself that it’s nothing to worry about ❤  Have a lovely (and happy) day everyone! ❤ ❤ 🙂

Are You SAD?

©The Strawberry Post

Sometimes you may feel, so very sad,
An anger or crazy, feel going mad.
Sometimes you may feel it’s so grim,
The day, a night so very dim.
Sometimes you do not want to smile,
Even though you may wait, while.
Sometimes you think and wonder why,
Deep inside you want to cry.
Sometimes it is alright to be,
Feel the pain, but know the key.
It isn’t you that feels this way,
Sometimes, feeling a hate for day.
The real you knows from the start,
Sometimes you’re SAD, but not in heart.

Have you ever suffered from SAD?  Do you enjoy or dislike the months getting darker and colder?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂