Today is National Poetry Day here in the UK!  A day dedicated to celebrating all forms of poetry, every year in October.  Whether you’re a fan of poetry or have had previous bad experiences with it, don’t be deterred from getting involved.  There are plenty of things you can do whether you get involved on a large scale or not 🙂 (and you don’t have to be in the UK to get involved either 😉 )

How to get involved

If you don’t enjoy poetry I have some tips for you in a moment but if you are a fan of poetry of any kind, why not try writing some today especially if you haven’t ever tried it before.  Don’t be afraid of trying to write poems, whatever comes to mind you can write about, whether that’s the weather, your dog or something more complex and deep like your emotions, politics or the environment.  There are plenty of subjects you can pick and all poems are welcome, both happy and sad, complex and simple, rhyming or not.

Remember National Poetry Day is all about celebrating poetry so why not give a poem a read.  If you normally gravitate to a particular genre or poetry form, why not expand you comfort zone by trying something new.  If you like free verse about complex subjects why not try a fun and silly rhyming poem aimed at children, likewise the opposite if that’s your thing.  If you don’t like the poem you’ve read, then at least be proud for getting involved anyway.  You can also share poems you’ve enjoyed with friends, family, your school, work or if you’re feeling more brave and want to take it further why not take take part in a poetry event, such as readings which will be happening not only on National Poetry Day but at other times of the year too 🙂

If you’re not a fan of poetry…

If you just don’t like poetry or have never really enjoyed it since the times you were asked to study it for school now is your chance to try it out again.  Why not try reading a poem or two online or from a library.  Online poems (like mine on my blog) are free to read and there are many different forms of poem out there these days which you may never have come across in the past.  Poems don’t have to be complex, old or difficult to read.  They don’t have to be filled with complicated imagery or analogies.  Many poems like those you’ll find here on my blog (and of course on other blogs) are far simpler, easier and more fun to read.  Even children’s poems can be fun to read as they are fun rhyming poems with nothing difficult to understand and many of them make you laugh and feel good reading them.

If you’ve never tried poetry that’s more fun then why not search for poems like these, simpler ones and give them a go before trying something more complex, and then see if you still don’t like poetry 😉

Let’s celebrate!

Below is a fun poem for all of you on this day, I have plenty more poems (as do so many other bloggers in the community and around the globe) so please get involved, check out some poetry today, read or write some and either way, let’s spend the day acknowledging the talents of poets everywhere, no matter their age or background 🙂

Today is National Poetry Day!

Today is National Poetry Day,
A time to have some fun and play,
Rhyming words that sound silly,
Or leaving rhymes and writing free.

Today is National Poetry Day,
A time to take a chance and say,
Every thought that comes to mind,
Be they happy, sad, unkind.

Today is National Poetry Day,
A time to read while sit, stand or lay,
To appreciate what others have said,
Whether they alive or now buried dead.

Today is National Poetry Day,
So celebrate in your own way,
Try something new, even if feel unsure,
You may just enjoy if you haven’t before.

Please check out some more of my poems (which all rhyme 😉 ) here:
– Light Poems (Fun rhyming poems for all ages about  light and sometimes silly subjects)
– Dark Poems (Often focusing on mental health and dark emotions these are not suitable for children – although be reassured that none of my poems have any bad language)

– Check out the National Poetry Day website for more invformation on how to get involved.

Will you be getting involved in National Poetry Day?  Do you like poems, and if so what kind?  Have you tried writing poetry before?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂