Here’s a fun poem I originally wrote a long while ago but I have since decided to update it a little and add a few lines of something new.  I would love to know what you think of this poem, is it deep, is it dark, or just something a little silly?  I wonder too if you can relate to this…I’ll stop being cryptic and let you read on! 🙂

All the Layers

There are so many layers I don’t know what to do,
Some of them are rosy and some of them are blue.
There’s one that is bitter, that makes me mad,
And one that’s so awful, it just feel sad.
One so sweet, it’s almost too much,
One so bad, you just shouldn’t touch.
Another is dark, you would not dare,
Get anywhere near, or want to share.
Then there’s one, that seems reserved,
And one that looks, all unnerved.
One that is so terribly plain,
Another that seems to feel the pain.
Then there’s one, that looks crazy,
And one so happy, it feels so free.
One looks worried, should I fret?
One filled with love, there’s no regret.
But there is one thing, you should know,
About each layer, and the dough.
You cannot tear these layers apart,
All the layers within my heart.

-Original poem first appeared online July 2016 – edited and now republished here.

Does this poem resonate with you at all?  What did you think of it or the picture of the cake above?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂