On Monday I shared the poem called Alone and I asked anyone reading if this poem is something they resonated with or connected with in some way either now or in the past.  A lot of people took the time to read that poem and comment (thank you ❤ ) and for some of you that feeling of loneliness is something which many of us have felt.  Sometimes we find ourselves alone, even those of us with lots of friends and family around us can feel incredibly lonely, especially if we don’t connect with them on a deeper level.

Loneliness can affect us all whether we’re naturally inclined towards being around people or not, extroverted or introverted, even the most self-sufficient person who seems to cope well by themselves may be suffering from loneliness in their every day lives.  Loneliness can bring on depression and can make us feel that there is nobody out there who cares about us.  Sometimes this even gets worse when we seek out to talk to people either by phone, text or social media and they don’t respond.  I’ve felt that loneliness myself and platforms like Twitter can either be incredibly helpful or very unhelpful when people ignore your tweets and you begin to feel like you’re invisible and that nobody cares.

The truth about loneliness though, is that it is often brought on by our own thoughts and worries, and those who are lonely often don’t want to burden others around them with their problems so you go on feeling lonely which just makes the condition worse.  Feeling lonely is a serious problem and we shouldn’t ignore those who feel bad.  But if you are one of those who feels lonely then please know that you are never alone and there are so many people out there who truly do wish to hear from you and let you know that you are wonderful and loved.  I wrote this poem a long time ago and forgot about it until recently and it now seems like a brilliant time to share it given Monday’s blog post.  It’s a short post and might seem like one meant for a specific person but in reality it’s for everyone out there, everyone has a connection with someone around the planet, we have lots of people we can call our friends, family or even soul mates, so this poem is about connecting to anyone, even those you don’t really know that well yet 🙂

Please never feel alone, if you are feeling lonely and remember that if you ever feel in that dark place there are plenty of people you can reach out to for support.  I have my contact details on my contact page too so get in touch if you fee lonely and don’t know who to talk to or comment below, I will respond. 🙂  I want you all to know I appreciate and care about you all.  Have a beautiful day ❤ 🙂

Never Feel Lonely

©The Strawberry Post

Wherever you are, I am always here,
There is no need, to live in fear.
Though we may seem, apart by miles,
My heart is filled with many smiles.
I feel you with me, even though,
You feel alone and full of woe.
The bond we share is one unique,
A bond of which we never speak.
Never feel lonely, we are whole,
Connected by, heart and soul.

Poem first appeared online June 2016 – now republished here.

Have you ever felt lonely?  What would you do to make someone feel less lonely?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂