Title: Jon Klassen’s Hat Box
Author: Jon Klassen
Illustrator: Jon Klassen
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Genre: Children’s picture books, (box set)
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Description (from amazon UK):  Multiple award-winning and bestselling author Jon Klassen’s acclaimed and bestselling hat trilogy is now available for the first time as a hardback boxed set.
The bear’s hat is gone, and he wants it back. A fish has stolen a hat; will he get away with it? Two turtles have found one hat, but the hat looks good on both of them… Jon Klassen’s deliciously deadpan hat tales continue to surprise and delight readers of all ages, and they are all now available in one beautiful boxed set along with an exclusive frameable print. Included are:
I Want My Hat Back
This Is Not My Hat
We Found a Hat

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a perfect box set for anyone who loves the Hat Trilogy of books or who is new to them! This box set comes sealed in shrink wrap plastic which is good as this protects the actual box which is matt in texture like the hardback books inside it, and it’s such a good quality box that it feels special in itself. The box is sturdy and reinforced by a double layer and holds three hardback books of the hat trilogy as well as a special frameable print. I have to say I love the illustration on the box, the three chracters on the front and what happens if you turn the box around and view it from its back!

Jon Klassen's Hat Box image one
©The Strawberry Post – Front of box wrapped in sealed plastic


Each of the books is about A4 in size and all have matt hardback covers as well as thick matt pages inside each book. The books are ‘I Want My Hat Back’, ‘This is Not My Hat’ and ‘We Found a Hat’ which are all very funny and I’ve left little mini reviews below of each of them. Every book is hilarious with the first one being a brilliant one to begin the hat trilogy and the last being a favourite of mine as it’s the first I actually read of the series, and I love the way it ends compared with the ending of the first two.

Jon Klassen's Hat Box image two
©The Strawberry Post – back cover of box sealed in plastic


The first two books have stickers on them which are awards they have won, ‘I Want My Hat Back’ has the Theodor Seuss Giesel Honor and ‘This is Not My Hat’ has the Caldecott Medal. These stickers are particularly nice to look at too, embossed with detailed images just making these books feel that much more special to hold. Each of the hardback books also features no blurb on their backs making these slightly different from the ones you’d buy seperately which always makes books feel special to me!

Jon Klassen's Hat Box image three
©The Strawberry Post

Each of the books has Jon Klassen’s classic style of illustrations and humour which I love. They look like a combination of shapes, a bit like in block printing, that have been collaged onto the background. The colours in all the books aren’t too bright but it doesn’t take away anything from the stories and in fact they are all so fun and funny to look at. I love the character’s expressions especially their eyes which are sometimes the only thing that changes the mood and expression on the pages. Each of the illustrations is accompanied by brilliant stories that are both silly and fun to read.

Jon Klassen's Hat Box image four
©The Strawberry Post

The frameable print is between A5 and A4 in size and comes from the book ‘I Want My Hat Back’. It’s signed by Klassen at the bottom and is on thick card. I’ve loved the stories so much and just love his illustrations that I’m currently planning on where to hang this!

Jon Klassen's Hat Box image five
©The Strawberry Post

This whole box set make the perfect gift, not only for Christmas but all year around. It feels so special to get all three books in hardback format, with an additional print and in a box that’s extra sturdy and special to hold. I think plenty of children will love this as will many adults who read the stories and admire the illustrations along with the kids! A brilliant box set I’d recommend.

Jon Klassen's Hat Box image six
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THE BOOKS (individual reviews for these books will appear on this blog soon, click the names of the books below to read any already available):

-I Want My Hat Back – The bear has lost his hat but he wants it back so he asks every animal he sees if they’ve seen his hat. Everyone says no but there’s something suspicious about the rabbit he meets. This was hilarious in it’s repetition and has a very funny ending.

-This is Not My Hat – The little fish has just stolen a hat from the big fish who was sleeping, but it’s alright, he thinks, because the big fish won’t wake up for a long time, and won’t know who took his hat, except maybe he does. This has a similar ending to the first book although it’s more of a shock ending which may not sit well with some kids, although still funny.

We Found a Hat– Two turtles in the desert find a hat, it looks good on both of them, but there is only one hat and two of them so what will they do? This is still a favourite of mine due to how funny it is and how lovely the ending is.

Jon Klassen's Hat Box image seven
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What do you think of this box set?  Have you ever read the hat trilogy?  What would you do if you lost or found a hat?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂